Timberland Boots-Three Models-Three Styles

Inspired by the cool, partly frosty weather, I decided to present toyou and the other readers three styles with Timberland Bootstogether with Schuh-Lueke.de. With this I would like to show you how wonderfully flexible the boots can be put into your daily outfits. In addition, I find that these also fit perfectly to the cool, fresh season. After all, you should take care that your feet are kept warm. You can also use Style as you see below.

But do not worry, the Timberland styles are not only wintery, but have been compiled by me so that they make a good figure in spring. With minor adjustments you can carry them even in the summer. Here it is simply a little creative to be.

Style #1-Timberland Art. # A18co Splitrock Hiker

At the heart of Style # 1 is a sporty men’s boat made of waxed leather from Timberland with the Splitrock Hiker. This is just the right choice at changing temperatures, as the lightly profiled rubber sole ensures a firm stand, even if the ground is not exactly the best. Furthermore, the inner lining made of textile ensures optimal breathing activity. The design of the Splitrock Hiker knows through a minimalist approach. Thus, this is based on a combination of dark brown with black as corresponding accents.

For this style I have interpreted the boat a little casual/casual. At first the thought was in the room, which trousers you wear. It was not easy to find an answer to this, but a jeans with a slightly worn look make nothing wrong. Matching a brown leather belt to hold it in place. In the outerwear I put on a colored T-shirt in syrah. This is a wonderful contrast to the otherwise dark dresses of the outfit.

Especially in the winter you should still wear a sweater over the shirt, but the style assumes that it is already a little warmer. The leather jacket in burned orange matching the shoes is therefore sufficient. A tick darker would have liked them even better, but just as the shoes in the course of time their use traces are likely to approach the two still.

A simple shoulder bag, in a dark brown tone, is enough to complete the style. You can wear it so well in the office-if not exactly mandatory, but also for shopping with the dearest a reasonable choice.

Style #2-Timberland Art. # 5345r Ek2.0cupsl Chka

The second timberland style is dominated by an olive colored, brownish chuka by Timberland Earthkeepers. The upper is made of waxed nubuck leather, the inner lining is lined with textile. Of the style and structure, the Chuka is definitely arranged in casual outfits, which I have done. The 9 cm high shaft ensures an orderly stand and is padded on the upper edge.

Regarding the colors, it has not been easy to incorporate these into an outfit. In conjunction with a pair of jeans, it could have worked to be safe, I decided to go for a beige Chino, which take up the colors of the shoe. For this purpose, a dark long-sleeved shirt is worn, which ensures the appropriate contrast in the upper clothing. Again a bright shirt or sweater would be too much of the good.

To protect you a bit from wind and weather there is the bomber jacket from Alpha Industries in dark green, this harmoniously harmoniously again with the Timberland boots. In this, I especially addressed the wild-looking print, which in its own way the outfit knows loosely. The style is complemented by a daily bag by Sandqvist, which takes up the ground and brown of the chukas of Timberland.

Style #3-Timberland Art. # 72066 6 Inch Premium

A classic from Timberland is the heart of this outfit. Robust and fashionable, these beige Timberland boots are made of nubuck leather, an ideal base for a down-to-earth style. Thanks to a very pronounced, profiled rubber sole and the silicone-welded seams, you do not have to worry about wind and weather. For me, this boat is the best to bring in different outfits.

In this case, the 6 Inch premium boot from Timberland is combined with Double Denim. Say, a light jeans with a delicate wash meets a dark jeans jacket. Both together form a wonderful contrast to the bright, beige boat. Underneath the jeans jacket is a simple, gray T-shirt, in this case with a subtle flocking on the front. All the garments underline the casual look of the style.

For the accessories, I decided to buy a strikingly large dark brown watch, which fits very nicely to the boots. There are also sunglasses with a brown gradient and four bracelets, which make the outfit a little more attractive. For me my personal favorite style in the post:3 modelsx3 Styles of Timberland Boots-what do you like best?