The Week from 15 to 21 May in Kids

This week in Kids and more featuring an interview with Mónica Ruiz, doctor of Allergology service of the Fundación Jiménez Díaz and health expert. With it we talk about the allergic in spring and that we need to revise the labelling of food. Also told us about allergies, intolerances, tips to bear in mind and on the Internet pages specialized in allergy.

This week he has been approved the LOMCE and one of the first consequences has been the incorporation of the subject of religion in primary education. We have also thought about it twice on the program of the 2, for all in which Islam’s School seeks to further education. In addition, on the College, We remind you that you could read in the Wild West Education is the basis for law and order (education is the basis of the law and order) and that served as a good excuse to review songs on education and family. And we were delighted with an admirable music teacher that teaches kids to using YouTube videos to get closer to the Blade Runner universe.

In the Bless you We ask ourselves how to act when puberty starts early in girls? We also talk about the solidarity action of educational Meninhera offering a 2 x 1 on the geometry printables until May 24. Also discuss how the balloons they may also cause accidents by aspiration. And we have listed two erroneous parental issue of infant feeding practices: Press and ban. To end the block of Bless you We discussed what they think doctors of the progressive tendency of non-vaccination in children by families.

In nutrition We talk about Genius Gluten Free and your muffins lemon and blueberries, delicious flavor and fluffy texture. We also present Photo recipe step by step (step by step recipes), an application for mobile devices that comply with the Mediterranean diet. We have known the new notebook LIGHTHOUSES: the benefits of physical exercise on the overall health of the child. And for the most solidarity, We present you a paddle tennis tournament for the benefit of children with rare diseases.

In the outputs and moments of leisure, this week went on May 19 at the stadium Santiago Bernabeu stadium where Real Madrid held the family day with a party in which large and small were applied with the stars Martín Vázquez and Morientes. We also present the Cluedo: a game that helps children to make decisions while having fun and learning strategies. I indicated that they may 25 held the ages of Jazz that greet audience of babies up to four years. It will be in the Botanical Garden of Valencia. Although for travel, the promotional ad to go on vacation to California made by and for children. And in Territorio Dinópolis are searched 2,000,000 visitors to offer a prize of 12,000 euros. Also discussed the novelties of the theme park of the Puy du Fou in Western France. To complete the section of travel We discussed who organize trips targeted at single-parent families and offers natural destinations.

We have also held the Internet day where Tuenti and INTECO have published a Decalogue of tips on privacy and security in social networks. And we talk about the camps of the Muncyt that are designed to awaken the curiosity of the children during the holidays. And also work the crafts and look at what most beautiful necklaces! and easy to make.

In the world respected childbirth week: birth is our presents ‘The voice of women’. Also held the Famelab in Spain in which it enjoyed a chat to learn about theorems and conjectures, optimal spaces. In addition discussed ‘Let’s change the letter’ a new awareness campaign because millions of children worldwide are forced to work

In the technology and the services coming here Familyes Network, a television channel on YouTube offering content #isFamilyFriendly. And in the shopping We speak of Smiley world and new collection spring and summer 2013 for children. We also discussed Mérida, the Princess of Braves, joins the collection of Disney Princesses.

As always, we recommend that you pass by kids and more, so that you can review these content more broadly as well as discovering more items than that they include in this summary. Until next week!