The Trendiest Lingerie Is On The Street

The nightgown or pajamas with which you go to bed every night and has become quite a trend for your new street style. Go outside the dressing gown around the house now becomes a commandment of fashion tremendously cool . What do not you believe it ? Well take a review of the best parades and discover how lingerie sexy can be your best ally for next season.

Pajama style

In summer, the silhouette of his pants is always present. But these months you will get the final combo adding the top of the same fabric and color . The end goal? Wear your pajamas like a tailored suit . As if the new uniform woman worker it were, this look relaxed and lightweight style is perfect for your days non-stop . Throw in accessories and ultrafeminos accessories, as some infinite heels or a scarf that enliven your outfit end. >>


What does not convince the idea of simulating the classic tailor? Dare then mix tops satin or satin pants or skirts cotton. Add your pajamas embroidered metalized brocade or paillettes and raises this garment essence sporty to its version deluxe.


Slip dress

Undeniably sexy, but ultra – sophisticated and elegant . This is the new dress code that the catwalks and celebrities have become a real must have : a . Slip dress Yes, nightgown straps life now goes a step further and jumps out of bed to asphalt to steal the dream this season. There are no rules for this pledge: I flaunt it as you take in your bedroom. With lace, transparencies, lace and, why not? Openings XL!


Welcome to your new wildcard for party nights . Capes accompanied furry or windbreakers perfect , complete your look with sandals minimal and maxi jewelry. Do our favorite? The tones nude of Alexander Wang or metalized Saint Laurent. Do you dare with this trend?


Like this at home

For if we had enough with pajamas and slip dress, now joins the lingerie trend classic dressing gowns of satin, satin or silk. Completes your look and raise it to the top with this piece of finishing effortless always should look open or knotted medium.



Its versatility is such that you can take to accompany your lace dresses and urban lingerie , as proposed by us Givenchy, even with clothes soft, of style nomcore and finishing sporty , as we saw in the parade of Balenciaga .