The Smart Phone Concept with Updgrade Capable Hardware

Excellent ideas are the be-all and end-all of excellent products. Probably also the reason why I personally like concept cars to appliances. So the idea behind the XTRUD, a Smart phone that is capable of upgrade in terms of hardware.

With Smart phones, it is always the same: A new device comes on the market, which is a not so old device technically kinda quite in the shade. It’s not even just about, that the different manufacturers trying to outdo with the latest innovations, but that the manufacturer themselves only a relatively short time after an own release present the next better model (iPhone 4 vs. iPhone 4S, Samsung Galaxy S3 vs. Samsung Galaxy S4 and so on).

The technical development is always faster, income after a supposedly current smart phone becomes little more possible via liuxers. To buy a new device, it feels almost already again somehow old. Unless you think to. And exactly what does the designer François Rybarczyk with his XTRUD Smart phone, which is on the extrusion, so the “eject” in the Center. Because the Smart phone can be easily rebuilt and technically expand. Whether processor, camera, case and more: at the XTRUD you could lend a hand quickly and bring the unit up to date without having a deep understanding of technology. A bit like LEGO.

The following pictures show how entirely in practice would look like:

Note: Sony has nothing to do with the XTRUD, the designer Rybarczyk has used the brand name in its concept for illustration only. But who knows? Maybe Sony has so looking for that kind of Smart phone using the modular principle

Source: Yanko Design