The Right Styling for Women with a Small Width

Petite women can wear anything? For a small range, it is important to underline the advantages and to transform the supposed disadvantages into strengths. A few styling tips help you to dress correctly and make your chest look bigger when you want.

Disorder Factor Small Breast: Dissatisfied because the own cleavage does not have the desired fullness? This is how many women are. But by choosing the right clothes you can emphasize a little bosom and make it appear bigger. Basically, women with a little bit of an edge: courage for voluminous, conspicuous clothing! 

Advantageous Tops
There are a number of tops that flatter women with a small stem. For example, narrow-cut blouses with a central, vertical button strip are perfect, as the buttons do not have any tension, as it might be with a big bosom.

Blouses with deep round neckline or V-neckline and frills are also beneficial for women with a small top. The frills, and generally voluminous fabrics, enlarge the breast optically. The same effect is also caused by shimmering fabric surfaces such as satin or chiffon. By reflecting the light, tops of shiny materials make the breasts appear larger. 

Also tight Crop-Tops and T-Shirt with lettering on breast height look particularly at women with small bosom and highlight the curvy female body.

In winter are voluminous, oversized knit sweaters and in contrast, narrow roll-neck sweater, recommended by foodezine. A coarse knit pattern makes the upper width appear fuller and also a rolli accentuates the breasts by its body-tight cut. The best thing to do is to wear a push-up bra with a smooth surface, so that no unsightly impressions of the lace can be seen through the sweater, and the bosom gets a nice round shape. 

The Optimal Bra (Bra)
The best choice for women with a cup smaller than C are romantic bra models with playful details. They can either be padded or not padded. There are two basic models that pack a small bosom beautifully and a little bit to size.

This is on the one hand the lace bustier, which usually has a cup in triangular shape and a narrow border under the chest and is made purely of transparent lace. On the other hand, a classic push-up bra with optional frills at the top, a loop on the strap between the breasts or colorful prints on the cup, is well suited for small breasts. He pushes the bosom upwards and gives him a nice shape. So even women with small breasts can proudly show off your decolleté. 

Babydoll dresses are the perfect choice for women with small breasts. The transparent, fine dresses with lace or netting inserts usually have preformed cups with sweet ruffle decorations or embroidery on them, which flatters them and guarantees positive attention of the partner.

The Perfect Dress
The dress: The most feminine garment. Every woman has at least one in her wardrobe. But there are different models, which are more suitable for women with large or with a small upper range. 

Especially in the summer, women with a small breasts have advantages in the choice of clothes. Because they can wear many different cut shapes well. Particularly girlish, airy hanger dresses look great with women with small upper range. Under the dress it is enough to wear a bandeau top as a bra because no supporting bra is needed.

Also for modern strapless tops or neckholder tops it is advantageous to cut a small bust. Either you do not need to wear a bra underneath or you can grab the triangel bustier or bikini. 

Even an extremely deep neck, which goes under the bosom and ends just above the navel, a so-called “Plunging Neckline”, women with small bosom is particularly good. Dresses with such a cut-out shape are mostly cut to the skin and emphasize all curves of the body. Due to the close-fitting fabric, the chest is slightly pushed upwards and appears full. With a new-fashioned, almost invisible adhesive bra, you feel safe.