The P5 Of Bowers & Wilkins, One Of The Best Headphones Ever Manufactured?

This is not surprising, the presentation of the P5 is luxurious, the opposite would have been surprising on the part of B & W, accustomed to the achievements of prestige. 

The adopted design is very beautiful, sober, elegant, combining black leather-leather of sheep true, it should be noted-the arch and the pads in stainless steel of the structure for a result really very successful. Clean lines give it a very air style, and the production is first-rate. The original installed cable has a compatible mobile devices Apple Remote.

The packaging includes a black damask cover, a cable without remote control for a purely listen hifi, a 6.35/3.5 mm adapter and a clear and complete instructions. The Bowers & Wilkins P5 is a closed typeheadphones, with removable cable and pads to Shape memory and magnetically fixed.

A helmet of this range not a of interest with quality digital files, is there no interest to offer a P5 to power it with type 128 kbps too compressed MP3 files, so prefer the Flac, Apple Lossless, or the worst of the MP3 quality (256 or 384 Kbps). In this regard, like the P3, B & W offers for the purchase of the P5, 3 months membership has its file download service high-quality audio, excellent initiative.

Once more the J3 of Cowon MP3 player is used. From listening to the “The Thrill Is Gone” to Archie Shepp, a quality is obvious,neutrality. Restitution shines by its balance, the saxophone is detailed but not omnipresent, bass support without overflowing on the other instruments, we can talk about refinement.Compared to its little brother the P3, you get still a notch intonal richness, which was already first order.

On the “Dub Fire” of Aswad, the impacts are net, clean with a soundstage well positioned and spatial distribution. The bass is a bit low fat, but without frustration. One also wonders if this isn’t the P5 which is right and the other Helmets who cheat a bit in the extension of the bass. Listening to the “If Señor” of Gloria Estefan, we find this feeling, the P5 is a “Quick” helmet and makes great emphasis to the vote. Similarly, we especially appreciate the game of drums on the ‘Grog…”of the salseros of Africando, with the detail and subtle. On the “Train Song” Holly Cole, record loaded in low frequencies, the B & W surround you a serious varied and powerful, confirming that he knows hit hard when needed. However this isn’t the most dynamic headset which is, as can be seen listening to the “Set Them Free” of Caecilia Norby where there is a tendency to push a little volume for more relief. But what refinement in the staging of the notes!

The P5 cannot deny its origins, beautifully built, very comfortable to wear, it offers a return of very high level, in the image of the speakers of the manufacturer. B & W team of many around the world recording studios, and can hear it in his achievements, whose primary goal seems to be fidelity flawless to the original message. Compared to its little brother, the P5 pupil of a notch the level of quality, both in what concerns materials than musical quality. Very highly recommendedto audiophiles and demanding amateurs.