The Orlando Macrobaby Now Installment Purchases

Hi guys, I’m super happy with the novelty-the Macrobaby installment purchases Brazilian families!! Now we can plan better and make the dream outfit in the USA!! All with economy and more quality. I’m sure there’s still time and money to ride through town.

In Orlando has many other stores that sell items for babies. But none are as comprehensive as Macrobaby. There are more than thousand square meters of constructed area 2780 for you meet and explore, with shelves full of novelties. Even the famous shop at Macrobaby. I will share my opinion on everything I saw this huge store.

Meet the Macrobaby is already a walk. You stay on top of all releases and best-selling brands around the world. There are more than 30,000 different products. No one can get out of there without buying anything … from pacifiers to complete outfits. Every time I go in there I remember Disney … all too perfect … the environment, the shelves, the color, the smell and even the background music. The photo gives view to the endless corridors … we are enchanted by looking at all of this.

I’m going to tell you why I chose this store. As Mama also love show you everything that’s good and that brings security, economy and tranquility with the purchase of your outfit here in the United States. Whenever I see the dads Brazilians here in Florida buying many products wonder: but what if the product break in Brazil, how will they change? You know, the security of the store is always short, but is longer. Some products have up to 3 years warranty. And manufacturers really cherish for this service but only guarantee the product is within the United States … Hmmm and now??

If you don’t have anyone who can help you take the broken product back to the US and neither will return in the next few months there “the beast catches”. I lost a cart 2 brothers because I couldn’t take him back to the repair in the United States. I remember the day I put it in the garbage … I was very upset. Always happen those things like “the cheap cost.

I want to mention some of the qualities of the services I checked on Macrobaby and that led me to write this post:

Tip 1– the EXTENDED WARRANTY is actually a safe that you contract with Prudential Protections.

  • For insurance be valid enough to have the receipt the Macrobaby shop of the United States and the receipt of purchase of the Prudential Assurance Protection.
  • If your product fails from FACTORY, you can count on the warranty extension for labor and parts used in the repair. All this in Brazil
  • To learn more about the Prudential Protections see the link

Tip 2- INSTALLMENT UP to 12 TIMES – Brazilian clients can now buy and pay in dollars to be spent on physical store in Orlando, FL or online store. The process is simple and fast. Learn more here link

Tip 3– SERVICE – another unique feature of the Macrobaby is the customer service. Just push the button of the Panel and the vendors come in your help.

Always help you to understand the functioning of a product or find something … all in PORTUGUESE. They will be dressed in a pink blouse. But if you prefer to have a consultant just for you, just hire this service in advance by Macrobaby VIP link

Most of the shops in the US you don’t find vendors available who have the patience to teach you how to work the products by MIME, if you do not speak English. The worst is that we end up taking a pig in a poke and will only find out when you arrive in Brazil. Got a tip to facilitate your time: see the site categories in measures, There you find all about measurements, sizes (Bras, clothes, shoes, sheets and etc). Put all sizes on your list still in Brazil. So you’ll have plenty of time to meet all the store and still go out for a walk and enjoy Orlando.

Tip 4- the LATEST RELEASES of the BEST BRANDS of STROLLERS EVER EXPOSED in the STORE. Currently in the United States most of the products are sold over the internet. It is often difficult to find them in physical stores. I’ve had to cry when a saleswoman told me: “-this product is only available on the store’s website. Imagine coming from Brazil and no longer have time to buy over the internet. I made this explanation about the importance of other MacroBaby differential:

The Macrobaby have almost all models of strollers manufactured in the world!!! Believe me they are on display for you to open and close if you want. Thinking about your difficulty in choosing and to facilitate your time on the trip I wrote several articles: Strollers: Vovóaki gives tips on how to choose and strollers: the best news from 2016 by Vovóaki

Tip 5– the convenience of you find everything in one place:more than 30000 items of the best u.s. and European brands. You save your travel time instead of going from store to store.

I’ve done this a lot – keep going from there to here seeking offers and discounts. Sometimes it’s worth it. But had occasions where I ended up spending a lot more time and money on fuel and stay. Result: there goes my whole economy off fatigue and irritation.

Tip 6-the only store with the lowest price guarantee Plus (Price Match Plus) Believe they COVER the PRICES of COMPETITORS. The Macrobaby ever cares to offer its customers the best deals. So if you find a better offer in a competitor, they cover the price at the time. And there’s more-if the product price is above $100, you get a Gift Card from $5. Tip get the contract offers from baby shops competitors: Babies R Us and BuyBuyBaby and take along with you, more information in the link;

Tip 7 – Macrobaby mount your bag – That even they think of everything! This service entitled “set up your Suitcase” came about due to the problems faced by many families that come to the infant layette. Most airlines charge fees for volumes that exceed the standard size. Thinking that the Macrobaby offers you a unique service, to help the client to go home with more comfort, safety and especially the economy. Learn more at the link

Tip 8 -this tip is a real present!!! Trousseau baby in Macrobaby with stay at Orlando guaranteed by store! See the promotion details, terms, rules and conditions… information in the link;

Tip 9-People, someone here would like to walk in a charming Limousine for Orlando? I would love to watch you too much this promotion! In this photo my granddaughter was in love with this “Big car color de rosa”. The limo Macrobaby is a differentiator for you always have the best during your stay in Orlando, information in the link

Tip 10– 2, 3 or 4 d Ultrasonic from US $100 c/appointment. The Macrobaby is the only store that offers pregnant women the 4 d Ultrasound service with the best specialists of Florida, for more information click here;

Tip 11- “Virtual” Trousseau, for moms who can’t go to the store, but who want to pick every detail of the trousseau and visit the shop in the comfort of the living room couch. More information on link

Tip 12- Delivery of Purchases in all u.s. cities or stores for up to 90 days without charge! I was amazed this service. Super economical! Macrobaby Online store, you will find a huge variety of products and still you purchase and receive in your hotel or have the option to withdraw without charge in “pick up center” store in Orlando. Check out the online store click the link

Search prices, read the comments, forums on the internet to learn about the opinions of people on Macrobaby.

My Opinion:What I liked best in Macrobaby was the personalized service and specialized, all in Portuguese, products that can have warranty in Brazil and still be able to find everything you need in one place.

Kisses from VovóAki

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  • Orlando:407-964-1508
  • São Paulo:11 3014-5144
  • Rio de Janeiro:21 3514-8477
  • We speak Portuguese:


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