The Mysterious World of the Pajamas: Where to Find Them

We talked recently of what should never put you to sleep. We put the example of the first weekend at the in-laws and a hypothetical fire that forced us to rush… With a shirt from the bar Paco. Or worse, command.

For those who aspiréis to wake up love and no terror, there is hope. Although it seems that no, there are plenty of brands that feature a line specialized in pajamas. Some already know them, because they are houses that are exclusively dedicated to lingerie, as standard bearer, which boasts the Maax Dreamzzz, an exclusive line of Pajamas collection, although it isn’t my favorite is not trace, which is already an achievement. It is too much sport, but hey, gives a neat image and that is what we seek. To be sincere to me personally I don’t like nothing, but to taste the colors.

Then there is a small gem that I discovered in researching for this article. It is of J & J Brothers, a firm specializing in pajamas and underwear that has several collections according to the style of each. Both the easiest and the most classic (home feelings, call them) have designs quite beautiful and care. Note that they spoil the product, and always like that.

And, how not, also can resort to Calvin Klein. Although if you are looking for by “Pajama” on their website you only leave women, you’ll find them looking for”sleepwear“. Most of their designs are very classic and simple but effective. Finally and ultimately it’s sleeping, no parade in Cibeles.

Then we have the Pajamas of pictures. I admit to being a big fan of according to what drawings (I said but I say again, the Wolf disguised as a sheep of Kukuxumusu is ideal for need), although personally envisage them for evenings with friends or with a partner that already has confidence.

However, this is the easy way out. Really no need to be so rigid. One can become a decent Pajamas without spending too much. It is easy to find, in the lingerie section, t-shirts and trousers separately. This allows you to play around with colors and clothes a little leverage. Mixing a little, so we can have two different sets that give the pego very well when it comes to sleep outside.

Finally and within, as they pointed some in the previous post, the first thing always is comfortable sleep and rest well. These tips are aimed at those occasions in which we will share night, bed or room with more people, and nor is it that you give us alms. That Yes, holes ever again. A little bit of dignity, although sleep alone. And guys please buy your own underwear, pajamas and underwear. It is a Council of Mosk, relationships of today, and tomorrow.