The Men’s Long Sleeved High

Talk TIME, everything okay with you?:) You remember that last year I put here in male Fashion a post with the templates of T-shirts to 2015? What was in full swing at the time? Well, it was a very content visited and commented by you and I received several requests to renew it this year, then it is accepted. Today separate the space of the Blog here to talk about the men’s Shirts that are up to 2016. Bora pro post view all this in detail and be inspired?

In the post last year I started with the phrase: “It was time that we thought buying a shirt and didn’t care about the model …“. And this year I might as well start haha increasingly we see the basic item of our clothes, that’s the t-shirt, receive adjustments, details, different moulds, etc. What makes it more and more.

And I wonder what is strong for 2016? Which models of men’s Shirts are up? Separated below some highlights that are booming this year, let’s take a look below and be inspired.:)


1) Longline T-Shirt Needless to say, the Longline modeling landed very strong around here for a while already, right?And remains very high. Longest modeling and narrow, with many betting the trend, which is already a reality in the lifestyle of many men. Now your usability starts to migrate to other styles too, extrapolating from the street, being mixed in more formal Looks, pieces of Tailoring and everything.

2) Plain White T-Shirt Good old plain white T-shirt, that goes with everything, everything, goes with everything, right?haha Yes! And she won MEGA featured in recent years with the appreciation of the Basics in men’s clothing. Time to invest in different moulds with collar Canoe, Longline, including details on accessories, merging with another shirt creating Double Layer (double) in visual, etc.

3) T-Shirt Panel (Panel T-Shirt) Yes, model that has “Panes”, tissue Blocks in your modeling, can be in 2 colors, with different Materials, for example, cotton and in another Panel in synthetic leather, etc. Neutral models, black and white or Monochrome pro are well drawn up.

4) Truss Bar T-Shirt Another Modeling that remains strong for 2016, I spoke HERE about her last year. The Dome Bar t-shirt is a model that has the Arched, Curved bar that gives pro visual movement, adds detail and is usually seen in Longline T-shirts, longer.

5) Henley T-Shirt The model Henley shirt is characterized by this opening buttons below the collar, almost a Goal Polo, but without the collar. Usually 2 to 5 buttons, which can be of short sleeve, Sleeve or long-sleeve 3/4. Is a great option to give a formal touch pro visual, to talk with tailoring or to add detail on a look. What about TIME?