The Kelly Bag

Are bags subject to fashion items and hence alone the changing tastes pure? Far from! Mirror of time and development, going through a company – are just those bags that have men and women not only for practical reasons by her side, and on top of that, they have to tell some exciting anecdote. So we just listen to them.

For the opening of the bag stories I have chosen no lower than the Kelly Bag. Because if ever a case made history, then they. If not the Queen of the handbags, so they at least a Princess – very much like the eponymous Gracia Patricia of Monaco, better known as Grace Kelly. Another parallel: Analog to the Kelly, a born commoners, the bag in the fashionable nobility had to marry. Until the connection with the size of Hollywood helped her namely fame, lasting to this day.

The creation, which should become the biggest success of the company’s history, for the first time in 1935 released the House of Hermès, of course still under her real name:Small bag skin to belts,in German: small, high bag with handles, or simply the Hermès. Although the model was only moderate sales, it remained fixed part of the range and was put up again and again – until Grace Kelly finally discovered it for themselves.

in 1956, the canvas – and fashion icon with a such bag was photographed on the day of her engagement to Prince Rainier III of Monaco.. As a result, even rumors that made the rounds, had to hide her pregnancy by using a Hermès the Princess, the story took its inevitable course: the bag has become a cult object within a very short time and was described by all over the world as a Kelly Bag – soon also by Hermès himself. Since then her cut is considered as the epitome of the classic feminine style. No wonder, then, that the basic design of the Kelly bag at all well-known fine taeschnern has arrived. The yard bags by Queen Elizabeth II. incidentally – still the Aristocrat in the handbags in the Royal House is also present.

Pockets in the Kelly design meet today in all conceivable materials and constructions, colors, and sizes. But what exactly is now the typical both of the original from Kelly Hermes as also their countless followers in the spirit? The most distinctive marks are the front and back ends in accurate trapezoidal shape and the sides folded inward, which result in the striking, wedge-shaped profile. Coupled with solid leather they give their characteristic stability a bag in the Kelly design: whatever happens, the Grande kept Lady hand bag attitude. To get traditionally short rollover – classic with about semi-circular locking belt-, a single, solid handles and the obvious Sattlernahnt.

Berlin short handle bag by Picard is an absolutely exemplary representatives of the Kelly designs – here, every detail really agrees with the original plan. A light and extremely practical variation on the theme the Offenbach company, however, allows the the uncomplicated buckle of noble really short handle bag. Not just Picard is committed with a large part of the range the damenhaften style: also at Coccinelle and Omar are therefore modern interpretations of the Kelly bag part of almost every collection.

Such diversity makes it clear of course one: there is no excuse more, the classically elegant look failed to complete with a bag in the Kelly design. How could the style of real ladies finally celebrate better than with the Princess at the handbags?