The Jewelry Trends in Autumn 2013

Autumn is here, it can no longer be denied. The temperatures drop, the leaves become colorful and fall – and fashion-conscious people like to dress themselves again in knitted fashion, cuddly scarves and indulge the onion look. Of course, jewelery plays an important role again in the autumn of 2013, especially when it comes to setting an accent. Since the fashion in the cooler season tend to be a bit more highly defined and in discreet colors, the jewelry should be chosen with an accent function and thus as an eyecatcher to loosen the overall look. This is also evident in the trends that are emerging in the field of jewelery for autumn 2013, according to 3rjewelry:

Great Klunker

This fall, women will once again prefer to put on big jewelery, this trend was only a few months ago rather declining, now one likes to grab again overlapping chains and massive rings. Statement jewelery, which fits closely to the neck and is fitted with large, geometric pendants, now gives way to very long chains – although the pendants may still be lush. Even the rings, or their trimmings, are again considerably larger than last summer, when one preferred to use dainty models. The ring trim may be extravagant, but should not be overborne. With geometric shapes (eg spheres, pyramids) one is guaranteed not to be wrong here, both silver and gold are in the trend, while one refrains from too colorful models .

Watches in autumn 2013

In the case of the watches it can not be colorful enough this fall. With bangles, accents are set on the wrist , this trend has now been around for some time and will not disappear so quickly from the picture. If you prefer a little more discreet, you can choose from elegant, slim watches made of gold or with a black leather strap – even watches from Grandmother’s times are in fashion this season.