The Fashion of The Future: There Is a World to Be Discovered after The Baggy Pants and The Skinny

If there is some kind of pants that has been fashionable in the 00’s, those have been the baggy pants. It is undeniable that that carry half boxer and low drag Pant has been the predominant pattern of ten years. Like the Travolta of the 50’s rose pants above the waist, in that decade which hardly we have left behind the predominant has been quite the opposite.

Without, however, little by little, the strings low-cost us have been getting into eyes the aesthetic cigarette case more and more kids who have decided to reduce the width of your pants in day to day (there is even one to another that starts constricting bass). Without a doubt, the cigarettes will be trousers from the Decade in which we are. Bearing in mind that when you finish a cycle begins another completely contrary, will elephant leg be the silhouette of the next 20 years?

I don’t see why not. Yet this silhouette has not been exploited for men and, perhaps, when we make ten years wearing narrow pants, we begin to see with good eyes the elephant leg. Do you see yourself in 10 years with the guy who Crown pants this post?

And if the next siluera to exploit the coat baggy pants?

It does not surprise me, because at the moment only we’ve rolled us low of narrow trousers, but the widths of always leave them on your website. After a decade of baggy pants and a current in which surely the skinny is the King of our wardrobes, do you think will happen turn pants wider, such as elephant leg or the bare in the second example?