The Environmental Advantages Of LED Lamps

Nearly 20 percent of global electricity consumption used for lighting purposes currently alone. The Federal Ministry for research (BMBF) in an investigation came to this conclusion. All private households on low energy light bulbs would get only in Germany, the power consumption could be to an annual 7.5 billion kilowatt hours reduce calculations according to the European Commission.

At the same time, this corresponds to 4.5 million tonnes of CO2. Through the use of LED lamps in offices, households, industry, and the public would have in Europe, there is a savings of 42 million tons CO2. * Would replaced all incandescent and halogen lamps with LED bulbs, also around 150 nuclear power plants could be shut down.

Thus, the first environmental advantage of LED lamps is clear:

1. high CO2 -Savings through lower energy requirement:

How much everyone can contribute, can be easily calculated. Take his current power consumption in kilowatt hours and pull off of the consumption in kWh, which would consume with LEDs. The difference is the saving. One kWh is equivalent to doing approximately 600 grams CO2. Compared to incandescent bulbs, LED lamps consume way, up to 90 percent less electricity.

2. low energy consumption in the production of LED lamps:

Two percent of energy costs accounted for the production just once, the rest remains for use. This makes highly efficient LED bulbs and gives them – thanks to low energy requirements during the production – an excellent life cycle assessment.

3. lack of infrared radiation:

The usage type LED lamps has no infrared rays ab. As a result, the lamps are not hot, what reduces the risk of injury and prevents burn-out at those of light bulbs.

4.Weniger waste:

In fact less waste this and fewer resources are consumed.

5.gut to animals

LED lamps are also insect-friendly. It emit no ultraviolet radiation, which makes the animals disoriented, which causes that these lamps are attracted and finally burnt.

6.Frei of mercury and harmful environmental toxins

Also at the disposal, LED bulbs prove to be as eco-friendly. They contain/no mercury / no toxic substances (gases) and reduce environmentally harmful mercury emissions.

7.Nahezu fully recyclable

Also 90 percent recyclable LED bulbs are there, only a few components wear out. The positive environmental balance is rounded off by the long service life.

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