The Dezer Collection Miami Museum Has over Thousand Cars

Mid-year vacation are already there and many Brazilians are to travel to Florida. What many people don’t know is that the cities of Orlando (as we say here) and Miami have many attractions for lovers of retro, which go far beyond the Disney parks, Universal and the famous outlets with amazing discounts.

The tourist who is a fan of motorcycles and classic cars and passionate about jukeboxes , for example, cannot leave out of your script to visit the Dezer Collection Museum, where there is a collection with more than 1.2 thousand vehicles and other vintage objects. Who is not so fan as well, will be amazed with the relics of the acquis and exclusive pieces of films.

The Museum is a real paradise for rent. In addition to American classics, the collection has several places, vehicles such as France, Italy, England and other countries. “There are vehicles on display which were used by Hollywood productions such as the James Bond films from Goldeneye 007 Against until Skyfall and the Back to the future”, says Wendel Ferrari, Brazilian who lives in the region in Florida and runs the season in Orlando.

Another curiosity of the Museum and that can not go blank, during the visit, according to the businessman, is the area dedicated to the music. “The collection of Jukebox is awesome. The best part, besides of view, is to be able to hear the music of the artists present in each one of them “, indicates Ferrari. The attractions don’t stop there. The place has a cafeteria area with custom military cars and a collection of wasps.

Tickets range between $10 and $15, according to the age, and children under five years old. For those who want to avoid queues, worth buying tickets over the internet, on the website of the Tell Museum, and remove them directly in the lobby of the Museum. Finally, an important Tip: arrive early. “There’s a lot to see and the place is only open till 5:30 pm. Visitors need to allocate at least 3 hours to enjoy all the details calmly, “guides.