The Customs Of Beauty More Painful And Dangerous History

The beauty, and everything that surrounds the world, has been never interested. Since prehistoric times, there are cannons. They respond to the model of perfection that each age, culture or social status has considered ideal. But get a perfect image, was not always easy. Today we are a walk through the history of the world of beauty and you have 7 of the most painful and dangerous habits so surprised as much as us. Fortunately, many are gone!

1 diet of the earthworm
The canon of thin woman is a pattern that has survived to this day. For some, achieve this ideal, meant such obsession at the beginning of the 20th century that became fashionable eating worm eggs to lose weight. The presence of vomiting and diarrhoea caused loss of weight but at what cost? Many of them suffered the consequences of this diet and suffered diseases such as meningitis and epilepsy. Do you think that it is something unthinkable in our days? Just give you around the net to discover that some women are putting at risk their health.

2 makeup
Scientific advancements have contributed to the development of products suitable for the skin. But it was not always thus. The makeup that our ancestors used was composed by chemicals likesulfur, lead and arsenic, which were harmful to the health. Today it is inconceivable. Cosmetics that hits the market goes through strict quality controls and they are increasingly people who advocate natural, chemical-free beauty products.

3 gauge of beauty
In the 1930s, Max Factor revolutionizes the world of beauty, bringing to light the strange device that promised tocorrect the imperfections of the face.The key were 325 points that generated light and shadow. The images are chilling even if perhaps the idea of modeling the face through the contrast of lit areas and other darker, you sound something…

4 corset
The so desired waist WaSP, had its great ally in corset. According to BESTITUDE, women, since medieval times, suffered the oppression of the corsets that hindered breathing encorsetando ribs. This garment that accentuate the female curves, chest and hips, has survived to this day.

5 the lip plate
This practice, which is typical of some African tribes, consists of dilatation of the lip which is placed a round dish.It’s a painful tradition but which is a feature ofbeauty and self-esteem among women.

6 Padaung
We now travel to Asia to discover you this custom of beauty. The women of this tribe lengthen your neck with an sum progressive ring. The meaning that implies is directly related to the beauty and wealth. Impressive!

7 feet bandaged
The Eastern tradition that considered small feet model of beauty and elegance, imposed for centuries the bandaged feet. The women suffered for years this martyrdom which produced themspooky deformations.
Have they surprised you?