The Clothes Can Help You Look Taller

Who hasn’t wished for a few centimeters? Although there is no treatment to increase stature, fashion can be a great ally to create a longer silhouette and in tune. With a few tricks, and the choice of certain parts, it is possible to make the illusion work to your favor.

“One needs to look your style very well and know your body, but you can use the clothes to your favor,” says consultantMaria Elena Daniel, image Consulting tuning and style. You don’t have to give up their favorite colors or shapes, for example, but should adapt them to look more long torso.

The Colors To Your Favor

“Preferably the same palette of colors because the monochromatic look stretches,” he explains. That doesn’t mean you can’t play with different shades, but there must be careful so you don’t flatten the production. If you want to use more than one color in the production and yet look higher, combine the shoe with the underside to create this illusion of longer leg. For example, black pants with black shoes, light room with clear sandal.

The Perfect Pants

According to the expert, the best choice for the wardrobes are pieces with high waist, whether for pants or skirts. “Bet always in a waistband with at least five centimetres above the waist (belly button)” indicates. Very wide trousers decrease the silhouette, while the most drained give impression of stretching.

Adriana Birolli wore a dress on time; Thaila Ayala combined short shorts with heels; Fernanda Paes Leme lengthened the silhouette also with nude shoe

“The flare pants also never goes out of style and look beautiful. She is versatile and help all women, because models well the silhouette and stretches, “advises Mary Helena. Combine it with nude shoe helps elongate the time.

The Length Of The Skirt Makes A Difference

“All longuete, that time in the middle of the leg, flattens the silhouette. It’s beautiful, but it only works on the catwalk, “warns the consultant. A good bet for the days when you need to be more elegant is the pencil skirt, at the knees, or the long lengths. “With a Grasshopper is you look rather dashing, but even with the trailing these lengths favor,” he says.

To dare more, the best bet is the miniskirts. “The brazilian takes it very well. Use a lot of leg stretches out quite the silhouette “. The minis are great for casual and stylish looks, to enjoy a weekend or even a party more cool.

Trend That Disturbs

Although beautiful and high this winter, the ankle boots and shoes with ankle zippers are not the most suitable.”They flatten even the silhouette creates this optical illusion. If you’re going to use, you have to use with a lot of leg out, like a short running shorts or a mini “, Maria Helena.

The boots, stars of the season, also ask for extreme caution in case you didn’t jump. “The longer boots flatten much the silhouette. The mid-cut is nice, but the leg must also be outside”, indicates. If you’re going to use a mid-cut or high, the best is to use with the pants of the same color, or even a legging. “It’s wonderful, but to use has to be legging with turned legs and cannot have the butt too big, or it’s going to draw a lot of attention,” she concludes. Here at you can get more information of the fashion leggings.