The Clothes and the Shoes Should Not Buy

Know what and why

When buying clothes with your son, I ask all the wills. Never buy clothes too tight or have exactly the size of the child.

Browse more loose, but without exaggeration, allowing greater freedom of movement.

Clothes that wrinkle easily, such as flax, which will have a worn appearance after a while of being dressed, are also to be avoided.

Excluded are also clothes retain the perspiration and prevent the movement of children. Synthetic or silk fabrics that do not allow the evaporation of sweat, for special occasions such as festivals or weddings, should also be crossed off the list.

Appropriate shoes

Footwear is also of the utmost importance. Remember that the lower limbs have the difficult task of supporting the weight of our body and the around daily, so it’s crucial that feel comfortable.

«The type of footwear to choose depends largely on the age of the child», emphasises the pediatrician, however, there are three basic rules: be solid, be flexible and absorb good perspiration. Rose George advises the child walk the sidewalk from the beginning of the March:

«The appropriate shoes for kids who are moving should be closed (in the summer you can choose Sandals closed) should have a good base, the insole should be higher on the inside and there should be a slight strengthening of the inner wall of the shoe (Foothill)».

Right length

The size of the shoes must be appropriate to the child’s foot, because when it’s too small hurts and hinders the growth of the foot, when large can lead to blisters and cause crashes. The shoes should be snug at the foot, so that the most suitable for children are those that fit as with laces, velcro or buckles.

The moccasin-type shoes should be worn only by older children. As for the material, the best is the leather», emphasises the pediatrician. The skin lets your feet breathe and is less conducive to the emergence of bubbles than rubber and other synthetic materials that should be confined to the bottom because they are non-slip materials and malleable.