The Cheek of Punky Bodymoded Reamers

This year saw a photo that made me curious. In this picture I saw a kid with big cheek reamers (Big Cheeks) newly placed. At the time I thought a lot about the procedure. The photo in question was possible to see that it was done through the scalp and it seemed great because it has always been the way I thought it would be more practical and less taxing on reamers, cheeks but still wondered about the recovery and if the big jewelry could disrupt the day-to-day -day somehow.

The modified point is a young German to 23 years called Joel Miggler, currently a resident of the town of Küssaberg and known as Bodymoded Punky.

The young man who began their modifications with a reamer of common ear still with 13 years today collects a vast list of body modifications, tattoos subdermais implants in more than 25 stab wounds all over the body.

Worker of various sectors, Punky works in an industry of metals in your city, in addition to producing custom jewelry and piercings to be an apprentice in a tattoo Studio according to He recently was interviewed by staff of the Frrrk Guys and you can check out some excerpts below:

Frrrk Guys: Piercing cheeks usually are problematic during the healing process. When you decided to extend their?
Punky: After a month of the second cut.

Frrrk Guys: What size they are today?
Punky: Are in 36 mm.

Frrrk Guys: do you intend to extend them more?
Punky: Yes, my goal is 40 mm.

Then, the question for me is one of the most important of the interview:

Frrrk Guys: What could you tell us about the procedure you chose and the reason of choice?
Punky: Danny from Rock the Body Studio in Baden (CH) was the first to make the initial cut to 10 mm. Prior to that I was for four years with 1.6 mm on the cheeks. After three months they healed completely made a new cut to 18 mm. This healed in a month. So, I widened to 22 mm in steps of 1 mm. After that I cut to 30 mm, towards the mouth to take the pressure off, and they’re not deformed as much as when I only widened.

I chose this method because I talked to many people who had started to extend their cheeks and all said they had many problems and most had stopped with this project. So, we started to experience increasing cutting your cheeks. In Phuket Vegetarian Festival at they cut and extend the cheeks well extreme views, so why can’t we do that too?

The Danny didn’t use points, only teflon jewelry. Make the initial cut of at least 8 mm. When you make an initial lower court he will never heal completely or takes a long time. Make a big cut to decrease the pressure. Because cheeks always cause problems when they have pressure. Danny has already made an initial cut of 17 mm to 10 mm plug and turned into usable jewelry with 22 mm.

The big risk is when you damage your salivary glands, they’re going to fall all the time. The nerves are not the problem. They are only nerves grow new in two or three months. The area where you can cut is between the muscle of the mandible and the orbicular muscle of mouth.

Frrrk Guys: You have more plans to modify the your body?
Punky: Yes, of course! The next would be: sub and transdermais implants, nipple, genital nullification although implants and double split in my Glans.

Frrrk Guys: Let A Few Words To The People Who Are Probably Going To Read This?
Punky: I can eat and drink as normal people do. The jewel does not touch my tooth. I can give little bites, just like before.

Interview in full on Frrrk Guys

The reamers, Punky reminded me quite a picture I saw years ago of another guy who extended the cheeks and went even further than him, known as Fishmouth/Fishmaul/Zygzag. This Polish in question, in 2008 had your photo published on several Web sites showing your cheeks extended as far as we can see below:

According to the Modblog, he took the reamers for leaving your eyes constantly irritated and hurt your speech too, which makes Punky the second person to have reamers, cheek but the first to have them without unwanted effects such as ocular irritation. The fact is that as humans evolve, modifications also evolve and still will see even larger plugs in with Punky face because he has begun well and until it reaches your target size I don’t see that he can find side effects Since the reamers not hinder in your day to day as he himself said.

Let’s see some more interesting pictures of Punky and Bodymoded your cheeks extended.