The Bucket Bag – the It-Piece of the Season

Earlier, he was anything but a trend. He was the unpopular second bag, which we took with the school and forgot also likes staying home with nice regularity, the accessory that none wanted to have but everyone had. Is the talk of the gym bag. But the negative image is long passé as simple, jewelry loose fabric bag.

You Are Always With a Bucket Bag

Today, he experienced one of the coolest accessories, the Bucket Bag, a trendy revival. Whether in typical elongated shape of bag as bags or something “bauchiger” – the bucket bag is so popular like never before. No wonder that a bucket bag was last year one of the world’s most sought after pocket models. The form, as well as the naturally easily using cord DrawString closure make it so incredibly handy and versatile. So she – offers ranging from make-up utensils, hair brush, the Smartphone, the bunch of keys, up to the scarf – always enough flexible storage for all important and unimportant favorite things. Whether on the way to work, on an extended shopping spree in the city or as a casual stylish favorite accessory for the cultural event in the evening – the bucket bag is not only a very useful, but at the same time also send alternative for the classic handbag or the often too bulky backpack. A bucket bag can be easily to almost any occasion.

The Icing on the Cake For the Sporty, Elegant Outfit

Also 2016 is the bucket bag the indispensable accessory par excellence. A very big trend is currently “sporty-chic”, so outfits that unite sporty and elegant clothes. These bags, which are less classic and relaxed fit. The bucket bag is the icing on the cake for the sporty, elegant outfit. Depending on material, pattern and shape this results in a rather casual sporty or elegant noble also. Depending on the model the bucket bag straps or handle comfortably side can over wear a shoulder in the hand or in a backpack on both shoulders. Models made of high-quality processed cowhide represent a particularly fine interpretation. These can be used also as a replacement for the classic clutch, perfectly suited to the festlicheren evening wear and ensure guarantees a stylish appearance. If you prefer looser is better on models from airy light canvas or nylon.

Trendy Perforations Provide Additional Structure

Also filigree stampings and perforations can provide the extra WOW effect. These give more structure of the bucket bag. The lovely Juliana DrawString bucket by guess shows how exciting it can be implemented. The high-quality material in a classy leather look was enhanced with a finely perforated pattern, which significantly eases the Shilouette of bucket bag and lends her a jewel. This fits also perfectly delicate nude shade and unobtrusively elegant.

A Fashionable Bucket Bag Is Not Only Women’s Work

And who now believes that the fashionable bucket bag is just for women, which is tremendously wrong. Because there are suitable models, E.g. in the form of a bag backpack for the trend-conscious man. So E.g. the Sambuco C3763 bag bag from Campomaggi convinces outside through a maritime, masculine duffel bag and inside the high functionality with mounts for the Smartphone and the bunch of keys, as well as a tidy zip compartment for important documents. Through the sophisticated use of fabric with additional DrawString closure, the volume can be extended flexibly.

The Kitbag of yesteryear has become so rather than a schnödes piece of fabric and become indispensable to a piece of it. He can be combined to almost any outfit and looks in his modern interpretations also outrageously good. Maybe did you get now also want to forget your normal hand bag or your backpack at home and to give a new chance to the formerly unloved second bag by then?