The Best Street-Style of The Week (LX)

One more week reaches the corner where have place the Street styles more impossible and also the most refined. Because at the end and at the end is on the street where arise largely from the new trends season after season he flooded campaigns and shop windows of the big names in fashion.

So by immersing us in that street inspiration we will discover some of the most stunning and eye-catching looks that have been on the streets around the world these last seven days. Are you going to lose?

We started in the streets of London inexhaustible source of new ideas and trends which looks like the cover image are the order of the day.

For those who want to take note the parka Navy Blue is in the collection of Pull & Bear that along with jeans khakis will allow get navy touch for this season.

We continue in the capital London and more specifically in Soho, turned into one of the neighborhoods most trendys world and where we are with this look, very similar to the first where the khakis pants They show the why are so essential in our wardrobes.

Despite the impression that gives the image initially, are to a look for more thought. Nothing is casual, or even painting of his trousers spots that give a touch of the most alternative and eye-catching look, only suitable for those who do not like go unnoticed on the street.

We’re going to from one end to another, and now we focus on a more refined look and more classical dyes. To adapt to more modern times there is nothing better to give the look of a touch of color.

The Rosa It is certainly a striking and even risky option but our protagonist manages to look flawless.

And ended the review with another look that does nothing but show us that items in camel hue they are the main protagonists of this spring, even hogging one color as the image looks, but to break the monotony there is nothing better than a colorful scarf that will give you the necessary touch.