The Best Backpack For Laptop

I know that you should not speak of a product in particular in this forum, even corporate, as they may other places are best for that. I know that direct mail is the best way to achieve that she is not read these lines. I know I break any of the digital marketing guidelines. But let me, by this time, skip the rules and tell you my happiness and my enthusiasm to have found, at last, a backpack that is also portaportatiles (Go word, the SAR does not recognize it but I’m going to use), travel bag, and backpack.

The truth is that he was tired of carrying the laptop everywhere, you couldn’t find the comfortable way to do it. On the one hand are normal portfolios to bear it. There are thousands of models. There are classic, elegant, leather, leather, cordura, plastic, chic geeks and even plastic. But in his against is always there to carry it in one hand, so you only have a free to use, and that it cannot be much more inside, just the charger and some document.

On the other hand are the shoulder straps. They do let you both hands free, but with the weight goes one bent and back just paying it. It also follows the problem of limited space.

And finally, the backpacks. They tend to be large and fits all, but typically Sin hard and Excel too back. There are many brands that manufacture them, but which I have tried bulk too.

So I am happy with my discovery. A backpack that is both bag and shoulder bag, which fits everything I need and, above all, which is very very good.

I refer to the model Manager 35. Your official link isour site.php?idioma=1 & idartic = 2150003 & func = v.

It is constructed of a material resistant but very manageable and nothing hard. (In my case, a 15.6-inch Toshiba) laptop has the space fair, and although it seems that it won’t fit, this perfectly designed and fit of fear. Protected by padding and a sling, once in the back has been great. On the inside, just pockets, nor more nor less. I usually carry, in addition to the laptop, charger (which is that it’s not big or anything), a cable usb-mini usb, another cable usb-micro usb, usb mouse, a flash drive, an external hard drive, a 10-inch tablet, the pen to connect to the Internet, a large spiral notebook and other small, mobile, two pens, a pointer and a mechanical pencil , as well as several carpetillas with documentation.

And believe me when I say that I’ve been great. On the back it is very straight and not just sale was back. The back is well protected thanks to three light but very successful, just enough to not bother anything and is not too Hulk. I can carry as bag thanks to a side handle on the outside, I take it as a shoulder bag (though it is the option that I like less), hung on the shoulder with a single shoulder strap.

In addition, I find everything quickly inside. And, few jokes with this, has leads integrated cubremochilas cover for when it rains to protect our laptop. More than one heart would fall down you if you lend to lose moisture or wet.

Also takes very well to travel as cabin bag. There are also a few exterior compartments where you can pick up tapes are not carrying backpack, remaining.

We can say that do not like the color black, only one so far (to me I’m worth, and combines with everything), or which could be larger to carry a 17 inch notebook. Or to take inside a smaller space to carry the ultrabooks. We can say what we want, but I am happy at the end, and I already forget all other forms of take it all. And, in addition, it is not nothing expensive, certainly. Difficult to get something better for the price paid.

The only thing there is to have a lot, but much care is to not let you forget with everything one has inside. It would be the “last straw”. Or almost.