The Argentine Developers Google Play in Payment Applications May Not Be Published

Application development has become a sector of business very interesting that many companies are trying to get benefits or simply move forward with their employees. So widespread application stores such as Google Play and the App Store were being very supportive to many countries with more creativity than money, but some policies will do that it may not be so for some.

Argentina lives a very complicated political moment in it concerning the input and output of money from the country that prevent Google make large periodic payments to developers who wanted to make money from their applications. Therefore the AdWords system was used to make payments, but it’s over.

Various reasons prevent that Google will make regular payments to the Argentine developers on a regular basis, so has sent an email explaining that as of June 27, they may not have payment applications in Google Play already. Payments will be made on July 22.

By the time Google has expressed desire to return to Argentina, as it is a very interesting market where there are some developers with great success, as Etermax with its Apalabrados. It remains to be seen what this type of companies to succeed, because for many, this was their main source of income.