The 7 Types of Footwear That Every Man Needs to Have

Some time ago, I did a story with the wisest style phrases already said. Among them there was one of the designer Sid Mashburn, who said the following: “Men don’t need multiple choices, just the right choice.”

The 7 Types of Footwear That Every Man Needs to Have

That sentence made me think. Actually, we have the habit of hoarding clothes and accessories when, in the end, we use only a handful of our favorite parts on a daily basis.

The shoes don’t run this rule. Nobody needs a huge collection to dress well. With this 7 models below, you’ll be well served at any time:

# 1 Shoe Oxford or Derby black

Let’s start with the basics, okay? Every man must have a social black shoe. He is classic. He is killer. He is versatile.

A mistake-proof model is the Oxford, in which holes the shoelace are in the body of the shoe. Another sure bet is the Derby, which is similar but has a sewn tab loop.

Want something bolder? The Monk Strap, which uses a Barrette in place of laces, also is on the rise. But I’d say he’s a second choice to Oxford or Derby. To be more flashy, you don’t want to do it too much.

2 # Brown Brogue Shoe

The Brogue is not exactly a model and, Yes, a variation of shoes as the Oxford or Derby, which has those little holes drilled on the surface. Versatility is the word of the time. The Brogue Brown will give a touch of personality to any look you choose, casual or formal.

How taste is personal, you might prefer a flat shoe instead of the Brogue. All right. The most important thing is to have a Brown option in the closet not to repeat the black every day.

3 # A nice pair of boots

You don’t need to be a cowboy to wear boots. On the contrary: this is one of the biggest menswear trends, especially in cold months. The boot is able to transform looks “pretty” in “extraordinary”. Serious. Take a look at this matter here what I wrote on the topic.

In other words, you need to have a nice pair of boots. Or rather, several. Because there are so many gorgeous models that it is difficult to choose just one. But we always start at the first, right? So here we go.

My suggestion # 1 is the boot. Formerly military thing or rocker, the boots “viralizou” and now there are several casual models around. The advantage is your versatility; works well with almost any look. A lighter option and also stylish is the Chelsea, barreled down and with a rubber band.

4 # casual Shoe

You probably already have one. And he is called “shoes”. But this wave has passed, I regret to inform you. I’m not saying that you must be a hostage of the trends to dress. But there are the classic and timeless items — like the Oxford itself already mentioned above — and those that are dated, like the shoes.

How about going out of the box, then, and adopt another type of casual shoe? The Moccasin, characterized by the side seam, is a great option. Especially the suede. Or your nautical variation, the Dockside, in which heat is the perfect bet.

4 # white casual Shoes

What? You thought tennis would not on the list? On the contrary. Tennis is one of the most items in high fashion today. Search on Google for “Sneaker News” and you will find a multitude of sites targeted exclusively for the releases of this area. The shoes arrived even to fashion shows and red carpet.

When your look calls for relaxation, it is here that you will find. If you want to play safe, white shoes always can handle. They are foolproof, easy to combine and full of attitude. Not to mention the comfort.

# 6 also sports Tennis

And since we’re talking about tennis, I could not leave out the sports models. Just connect the dots. First, it is essential for a man to take care of your body, with your weekly dose of physical activities. Second, if you like stylish living at parties, meetings and events, why would the Academy side, the Park, etc?

Buy a good sportsshoes. Point. This is not up for discussion. It will improve your physical performance and leave it in stretches even when you’re falling apart in sweat.

7 # sandal, after all we live in Brazil

This is a type of footwear that men tend to neglect. But hey, gentlemen, we live in Brazil. And our summer is hardcore. We need to have a stylish and comfortable option to take a 30-degree sunshine, whether on the beach or taking the dog for a walk in the Park.

OK, everybody loves the Havaianas and I include myself in this group. They are comfortable, practical, beautiful. And essential for our collection, too. But if you want to elevate your style to the next level, how about investing in a leather slipper? Or sneakers?


When it comes to fashion, there are no definitive rules. This guide brings references and inspirations. It should not be seen as commandments carved in stone. Use it as a guide to reach their types of essential shoes and adopt the philosophy of designer Sid Mashburn: “Men don’t need multiple choices, just the right choice.”