The 10 Most Diva Looks with Your Jeans

Get Ready For These Tips From The Most Diva Looks With Jeans To Tear You Apart.

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The jeans is a key in the wardrobe of women. They are beautiful, versatile, practical, combine with the most varied pieces and styles, dress well the most varied body types, can be used in different places and occasions, and comfortable.

The jeans are quite democratic. They can be found in the most varied models likeflare pants, skinny, hot pants, destroyed, boyfriend, and others and also in different shades and washes that can be dark, light, black, white and jeans color. There is choice for all tastes and styles.

Being such a democratic piece, jeans are suitable for various occasions and places, it all depends on the composition made with the other pieces. Forever make beautiful, check out 10 diva looks with jeans to sweep in the visual:

Flare Jeans Flare With Shirt And Heel
The composition of jeans flare high waist with shirt inside the pants and heel is quite elegant and feminine. The printed shirts give an extra charm in the look. On the feet opt ​​for a peep toe or scarpin.

Jeans Resin With Shirt And Ankle Boots
The combination of Black Resin jeans with a flat shirt and ankle heeled boots is funky and funky diva to rake out on evenings out.

Hot Pants With Cropped, Blazer And Heels
This composition is very bold and very pretty. The ideal is to use a hottest dark wash pant with cropped and light blazer. This look is great for that engagement that begins in the late afternoon and stretches into the night. On the feet opt ​​for the scarpin.

Boyfriend Jeans With T-Shirt And Cardigan
This combination is romantic and feminine, great to wear during the day. To compose this look, opt for lighter shades, including a light wash jeans. To give more charm, complete the look with a belt and fold the trouser bar. On the feet, look great with scapins, sneakers, Anabela sandals and peep toe.

Skinny Jeans With Metallic Cardigan And Heel
This combination mounts a glam diva look. Choose a dark wash jeans, a basic sweater and give the final touch to the look with a metallic cardigan. Since this is a more suitable look for the night, choose to wear it with a scarpin.

Jean White With Jacket And Ankle Boot
The combination of white straight jeans with jacket and ankle boot is quite fashionable, modern and has a rocker footprint. The white pants add a lightness to the look in contrast with the jacket and the shoe. It serves both day and night.

Skinny Jeans With Blazer And Scarpin
This is a very classic and elegant composition that can be worn both at work and for more formal events. For that look, opt for darker wash jeans.

Bootcut Jeans With Jacket And Thick Heel
This is a look at once stripped, sexy and fashion. Can be used both during the day and at night. It’s a heavy look, but certainly pretty divo, it’s a sure bet to raze.

High Waist Jeans And Ankle Boots
This is a stylish and modern look, can be worn with a shirt or blouse just inside the pants and over the blazer or cardigan.

Skinny Jeans With Vest And Scarpin
This is a pretty glam look and full of attitude. It is stylish, fashionable and without a doubt well divo.

Ready to be a diva wearing your jeans?

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