Tempus Fugit – The Paradoxical Fascination Of Mechanical Timepieces

Some time ago I saw in a televised sitting the incomparable Günther Netzer, who wore a special clock in addition to an as always perfectly fitting suit . It was a perpetual calendar of IWC a delicacy, incredibly beautiful, incredibly expensive and uhrmacherisch.

This kind of complication in a clock shows – provided she constantly ready for use for 499 years properly to the current date. Also displayed moon phase would need to be corrected only after years of 577.

Confrontation with the own transience

Already wine soul-Transfiguration located, I asked me even loudly into the room, why a person invested the value of a mid-size car in a Watch , highlight he can see only a fraction of its functional life – you make clear is: the clock was built to showcase the date until about the year 2490. This is a period of time in the 14 generations to give the Jack in your hand.

Thinking further, the general question emerges perhaps, why small invest number in steadily growing men’s great wealth in luxurious Zeitmessser, so on most expensive way every day with the own transience to be confronted. There is hardly a subtle elegant way to watch yourself every day or even every hour while looking at the advancing pointer and the date when the slow death.

The constant ticking calms

Maybe you feel but also calm in the face of the steadily continue ticking second hand at the wrist. Continuity in smallest, manageable steps seem to support a predictable, controllable, and surprise-free reality perception.