Tan Spray – Beautiful Summer Tan To The Wedding

Who does not know it? The dilemma of easy healthy summer Tan – without thought of premature skin aging, wrinkles and skin cancer… The options, which you then as wife or bride who bounded: solarium before the wedding? No, unhealthy… Self-Tanner? Yes, if you’re skilled, that can work well, otherwise stylist and wedding planners can report a song by yellow spots and last-minute removal actions with vinegar and lemon… I thought, I should know as I am (blond, rather Nordic type with fair skin) to marry. But then I got a tip from a friend!

Spray Tan For A Natural Tan

Spray tan! Yes, that’s right, come up also pictures of this one GNTM-string with you, with the girls in the tent? Models swear by spray tan! And Kate Middelton and many other celebs too!

First I had concerns: that is not even spotty? No, indeed! On the contrary, the Tan is very very evenly, so as the sun never manages. After a test run before the wedding, I was very excited and am an absolute fan of it now, just in front of weddings, holidays or summer events!

How To Spray Tan?

Ideally, you make the application in the late afternoon or evening. Your body will be sprayed on the 5 minutes with the spray. Then, you should wear first loose clothing so that the Tan can be drawn up and no rubs off. After 8 hours you can shower off back there, so I think the application in the evening best, then you can wash off the spray in the morning.

The Tan comes out after two days of best and lasts for about 8 days. Before the wedding I would try 1-2 times before, so you can find the right shade for you, it should not be also too dark!

I by the way can you Mathilde from your Tan in Hamburg (Barmbek) highly recommend, it makes it very very well and is super nice! The time in the ‘tent’ can you Saiid always good for one use :-).

So if you are looking for a light Tan for your autumn wedding or the summer Tan for your summer wedding, spray tanning is highly recommend!


Your Friederike