10 Tips On How To Dress In The European Winter

We Brazilians don’t we are very prepared to face the cold of Europe with our clothes because the cold here does not exist in Brazil. There are some tips and tricks that help enough to bypass the low temperatures. I will pass to you some tips on who already live here and learned something over the years of European winter.

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Trench Coat For Winter: A Joker For Cool Looks

The trench coat is one of the indispensable pieces for the winter wardrobe. Created by Thomas Burberry, the item is a great investment as it is quite versatile. This coat of arms appeared in London during World War I as a way of protecting soldiers against rain, cold and other adversities.

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Cumulus Ultralight Sleeping Bag

Now I am already are nearly half a year in the possession of ultralight sleeping bag Cumulus LiteLine 400. So it is sometimes slow time to shed light on this fine piece of equipment more detail and to take for you under the microscope!

Earlier this year, I started my entire trekking equipment on ultralight convert. And as the sleeping bag is one wherein the backpack weight to the “Big Three” (tent, sheep bag, backpack), my old, heavy and not particularly more warming Synthetic copy had to give way.

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Pike Fishing Lures Tips

Lure and Pike simply belong together. Already the very first lure carved by hand were used to Pike fishing. Today, Pike lures are the most commonly produced and widely used hard plastic lure. There are them in a wide variety of sizes, shapes and colors.

Cranks have done on the Pike

Especially crank lures, which are characterized by their round and bulky shape, are the most promising for pike fishing. Pike love big and literally fat booty, which suggests much food in one fell swoop and therefore heavier in the course with them. In addition, this kind of predator is not nearly as agile as E.g. asp or perch.

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Cocktail Dresses for Wedding

Be beautiful and elegant on her wedding day is important, even when the marriage is not your own. Here are some model of cocktail dress of the latest collections.

Attend a wedding always creates several anxiety. The first among them is how to dress? Those of you Yes never post this question? Unfortunately it is not easy to guess the right look. One thing is for sure, if you want to be sober but stylish, chic without exaggeration and above all have in the closet a garment to wear at least a second time, you must choose a model cocktail. Continue reading “Cocktail Dresses for Wedding”

Stylish Jersey Vest

Often it takes a long time to buy stylish women’s fashion. What lady has spent not already hours in shopping malls and fashion stores without getting the matching dress sizes, cuts and colors. Especially when it comes to Jersey West, the decision is difficult. With years of expertise in the field of women fashion were discovered in baur.de online store a chance to change something. Here the offer is transparent and inexpensive. Fashion-conscious women here have to look only a few seconds in the field of women fashion and even get the West all the way to their own taste.

So you order in winter 2016 West Jersey

Stylish Jersey Vest

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Stylish Jersey Vest

In baur.de Online Shop You must not practice until long in patience, for a relaxing time in fresh clothes with the West. Once you have done and ordered Jersey West and other exclusive products like Baur Premium Lounge in the cart, it is already at the shipping. Are your personal items in stock, you get everything within 24 hours. In addition, you can still register the same shopping from Jersey west to the newsletter and get a great discount shopping.

Good Leather Boots for Men for the Winter

Good Leather Boots for Men for the Winter

I have previously written about why leather boots for men are good as vintersko. The guide you can read here. In this post you will get some cool examples of leather boots for men. With them on, you can both stay warm while you look cool out. It is style that meets practical use. Better it will not. I have chosen a little differently, so you can choose based on which style you have.

Cool leather boots for men

The first boot is from Stylepit and is with genuine leather. It is by far the best to go for, since it is far better to keep the cold weather out. In addition, it is also easier to keep them clean from time to time. I like them because you can easily have them on to jeans without people noticing that you have leather boots for men on. It increases the possibility a bit of use, if you for example. to be in the city. I haven’t even tried them yet, but you can maybe even have them on for suits. But you don’t just hang me up on it. Experiment and see how they look. They cost only us $ 599,75.

Let me just start out with that you must really love leather boots for men, before you decide to purchase such a few. I will probably not even start with such a pair. But if you already know that you love that sort of thing, well why so not really? There are a great many who love this kind of leather boots. I am thinking here not only at the bikers.

You can easily go around with such a few, without you is biker. It is a really solid leather boot, and it always makes me think of the movie American History X. Can you guess the scene? I can reveal that it is filled with discomfort. Since it is leather boots for men in high quality, it is also a fairly expensive boot.

It is not, because these are the best looking boots for men I have ever seen. But I’ve taken them out as they are really cheap, and I therefore think it a pretty good buy if you should invest in a pair of boots. It must be said that it is a fur boot, and it is also the reason why it is not just as animals. It should probably not be your first choice if you want to stay warm here in winter. But still I have it with, then I actually think it is a good plain starts boot. Because I think that you should have bought some boots no matter what, so you can see if this is something for you.

I hope there was some boots that suit you. I will soon come up with some more examples, and also some more clean leather boots for men, as it probably is what many are after here in the winter. If you have some great winter boots, which I want to share on the blog, you may well throw a comment.

Warm Scarf for Men

You’ve probably already had a warm scarf, as the winter months very soon is over. Soon comes the spring. I hope so anyway. If you are missing a warm scarf for men, you can just get one from the net at 9.75 USD you save 1 dollars, so it’s not really it, which is why you should buy it. You should buy it, because it is a warm scarf.

In the past I went actually not very much about in having a proper scarf. I considered it for nonsense when scarf for men should be so expensive, and I thought that it was a little place to save some money on clothes. In fact, it was not until last year that I tried to have a warm scarf on. It was a Christmas gift, and I was considering actually swap it, because there was much other clothes, as I would rather have.

Scarf for Men

I chose to keep it, because I’m extremely bad to get swapped clothes. Today I am glad that I chose not to trade it. For this winter has been one of the most comfortable that I have ever experienced. Not because it has been less cold than usual. But because I’ve had easier by keeping the heat out with my warm scarf.

If you are freezing in the winter and you reckon around with a thin scarf, so you should try to buy a warmer scarf for men. You will certainly not regret it.

There is no reason to freeze in winter. When people say that there is no bad weather, only bad clothing –, then there’s actually something on it. Because if you make sure to get enough clothes on when you go outside a snekold winter morning, so it’s actually not so bad.

In addition to a scarf for men you should also have a warm winter jacket and winter socks (skisokker.). Skisokker might seem a bit much. But believe me. It’s actually worth it.

Timberland Winter Boots for Your Feet

Although I do remember that it was cold winter last year and the year before, so it surprises me anyway always, how cold it really is. The first few days I always render around with my converse shoes and think that it should be plenty to get through this winter. But it is never, and I my feet always ends up being really cold. We have also written about in our guide to vintersko. When the first one’s feet are cold, you end up being cold in the rest of the body, so it is recommended that you find a pair of winter boots, which lasts for the entire winter.

There are lots of cool vintersko that you can buy. I’ve previously written about some of them here. If you want to be sure to have warm feet all winter, Timberland winter boots just the right choice for you. It has delicious too, and therefore they always keeps your feet warm no matter how much snow is coming.

Timberland winter boots are at the same time so warm that you can easily use them, if you are going for an even colder country for skiing. You don’t have to only use them when there is snow. It is also really good, if it only rains but is still cold. No matter how much it rains will be the boots only wet on the outside. Unlike sneakers where they immediately get cold wet feet.

You must not count on, that you can use them when spring comes, because it is not nice to leaked around with sweaty feet. But there goes well also almost half a year before we again get nice weather, and until then are your best friends a good winter jacket and a pair of timberland winter boots. Currently, you can get them on sale for $ 205.37. It is worth spending 1000 DKr to avoid getting sick.