Our Wedding:My Bridal Outfit

Today we have been married for exactly four months … madness, how fast that now went! So it’s time to tell my outfit a bit more about what I’ve been looking for in the search for the outfit.
Svens suit I have already shown and here it was synonymous ever seen an overall picture of my look. By the way, I finally created an overview page for wedding themes. ♥

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Pink Powder Coating for a Wedding Decor

Natural elements accompanied by dusty pink, cream and antique silver are the protagonists of this beautiful wedding decoration. A very elegant wedding held in the Cela palace, organized by our dear wedding planner Love Lovely.
We move into a decoration in pink hues in a dance with a chic and stylish photographed byBokeh photography? A stylish and welcoming ceremony at a cave of stone decorated with candles and flowers, await you in this entry. Let’s go for it! Continue reading “Pink Powder Coating for a Wedding Decor”

Tan Spray – Beautiful Summer Tan To The Wedding

Who does not know it? The dilemma of easy healthy summer Tan – without thought of premature skin aging, wrinkles and skin cancer… The options, which you then as wife or bride who bounded: solarium before the wedding? No, unhealthy… Self-Tanner? Yes, if you’re skilled, that can work well, otherwise stylist and wedding planners can report a song by yellow spots and last-minute removal actions with vinegar and lemon… I thought, I should know as I am (blond, rather Nordic type with fair skin) to marry. But then I got a tip from a friend!

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Bra Tip For Strapless Dresses

For me, the wedding season started mid-April 2015. Unfortunately, this was the only invitation I got for 2015 – thus the next wedding I attend is are my own! Wow, that is crazy.

And, if still anyone on his or her wedding mag invite me this year – like! I hang even as some previously rarely listed by clothes in the closet. 😉 For me it not was this year so “What do I wear just for the wedding?”, I wanted to wear one of my favorite dresses from last year better again.

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