Smart Watches Can Reach the Wall of Home

Smart watches may not have completely conquered the consumer, but a company wants to try a new application of these devices:people’s houses. Glance Clock is a smart wall clock that can connect to the user’s smartphone and display notifications and appointments, weather alerts, and incoming calls. Continue reading “Smart Watches Can Reach the Wall of Home”

Traditional Wall Clocks Already Have A Competitor: Coolest Clock Projects The Time And Much More

The watches traditional wall are one of those classic elements in the decor of any home, but a group of Austrian entrepreneurs has decided to take the idea further and take advantage of new technologies to develop what they have called-of something perhaps presumptuous way-like the “Coolest Clock”. Continue reading “Traditional Wall Clocks Already Have A Competitor: Coolest Clock Projects The Time And Much More”

Custom Wall Clocks Are Made with Vinyl Records

The Vinyl Watches virtual shop produces customized wall clocks with various themed themes such as animals, cities, signs and music.All parts are made with quality discs, which are laser cut to create the shape of the desired design.Some watches preserve the old form of the disc and others are stylized with other formats.

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Wall Clocks, Decorating Your Walls with Style

People these days I received a comment about a post I had written in 2009 on wall clocks, watches that will …, the jocelo asked me where was a particular model that he liked.
As it’s been a long time since I had made the post I didn’t remember where I was and I wasn’t even original where she would have been, so the way was calling for Mr. Google and pray to find your source.
I ended up finding the original image site and had a pleasant surprise, the site is a Canadian online store that unfortunately did not deliver to Brazil but has a wide collection of beautiful watches.
As I am passionate about watches just passing the dawn looking models, and of course I would not fail to share with you these wonderful findings that I got. I separated a series of pictures to show you. So get ready is going to be a long post, full of images.

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How Does A Cuckoo Clock?

Originally made in a mountainous region of Germany by the 17th century, thecuckoo clocks were manufactured within the homes of residents due to the harsh cold that was at the time. In them, we can notice every time a series of elements which refer to the grind of the season, as fighters, animals of the region, firewood, Sierra, milking and other more. Continue reading “How Does A Cuckoo Clock?”

Slimline Wall Clock TFA Only 9.79 Euros

TFA wall clock

Buy this cheap TFA wall clock here and save 44%

After many years working, my kitchen clock decided to make a leap into the void from my hands to changing the battery, breaking into the plastic protector into three pieces, in the end, part of the job of the chapucillas household.

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Types of Wall Clocks

The Technique-So Ticking Clocks

Not every clock works on the same principle. Some are driven by a complex system of rotating wheels, others operate purely electronically or received on your computer using an international radio signal. Most clocks are powered by a quartz movement, a convenient, stable and relatively accurate method to measure time.

Mechanical wheel clocks are driven by a balance, so a spiral, or a pendulum. The energy derived therefrom is transmitted to a gear system that moves the pointer. Mechanical clocks must be wound regularly and have a lower accuracy than, for example, quartz clocks.

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Wall Clocks Need Not Be Boring

How to gracefully get rid of unwelcome guests

Are you convinced that wall clocks not only have to show the exact time, but also fun? Then do not hesitate to hang on the wall at home, for example, an inverted clock, which – as you might guess – go backwards. At first glance there is nothing unusual. But closer examination shows that are pretty confusing. Arabic numerals on the dial is not 1 to 12, but start unusually, eleven. Even though the inverted clock still shows the right time – it’s just a matter of getting used to their unusual system. Clocks going backwards will prove a great service when needed will come to you unexpectedly in-law. Perhaps confusing your face just hours before neprokoukne and leaves home…

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Shabby Chic Style Wall Clock

Every woman is a princess, but only in a romantic house, furnished with love, care and dedication can become in effect. To crown this little dream there is no need, of course, a series of charming furnishings that help to create a fairytale atmosphere: among them are the elegant clocks shabby chic of our site selection. Find out more!

Wall clocks shabby chic: timeless details

How nice to come home and feel at home in their own little kingdom! Here everything speaks of you, of your rich inner world, your loved ones and loving attention that confidential details and details that would escape to the most. There’s that old chest that you have received as a gift from her grandmother and embellished with a fine work of decoupage, there the delicious vintage writing on the flap which are usual writing your most secret thoughts: because for the incurable romantic like you hold a diary is never out of fashion. Maybe in the dim light of a lampshade in white wrought iron shaped oil lamp, like those who accompanied and inspired the poets of the past in the composition of verse passionately romantic. Nothing, in short, is left to chance. And few environments are suitable, such as yours, to accommodate fine furnishings such as wall clocks from shabby chic.

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