Vintage Loft with Natural Touches

Creative reform couple apartment in NY
It would be almost a sin to mischaracterize the architectural detailsof a apartamentocomo the couple James Ramsey and Jennifer Blumin. Located in the New York neighborhood of TriBeCa, the loft built in the 1830 ‘s full of charming details: old Windows, apparent brick walls and a roof all worked on Tin plates. Virtually time travel until 19 century. Continue reading “Vintage Loft with Natural Touches”

New Solar Model of the Secret Retrara

Urban, diverse and cool, New York has always been the epicenter of cultural changes in the United States and around the world. In the years 80 was no different. In response to the end of the colorful dream peace and love from the ‘ 70, the city became the birthplace of dark and aggressive aesthetics of the punk movement at the beginning of the Decade. Then, young people with a lot of cash to burn dominated the scene, bringing cheerful pop music, flashy colors and super structured clothing. Called the Yuppies (Young Urban Professionals), they are the inspiration for the launch of solar da Secret. Continue reading “New Solar Model of the Secret Retrara”

With Signatures of Gui Boratto and Vintage Culture

Elekfantz’s original track, which is already one of the hits of summer, gets new versions with the face of the season!

Launched in November 2016, the track “Blush” marked Elekfantz’s return to studios three years after the duo’s debut album, “Dark Tales & Love Songs.”Marked by seductive vocals and strong synths that go back to the 80s and 90s, music is already one of the highlights of the Brazilian summer – besides being the track of “Summer Tales”, video recordings series of the shows and the backstage of the duo released Recently on YouTube’s Elekfantz channel.

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Vintage Typewriter Home Decor

Typewriters are witnesses of a bygone era. Ancestor of our beloved computer, they are making a comeback in our decor. Colorful and plastic in the 50 to 60 and most imposing and sober in the 20s, typewriters crossed several decades while inspired fashion and needs. Today, they decorate our interior while bringing a touch of vintage and nostalgia.

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Vintage Pin up Style

Hello the radiant and the female!

For a year I’m talking about vintage on my blog. And it was only this year that we see everywhere from the retro-inspired! Criticism also much this new trend by saying high and strong as the 1950s was an era of women objects, little outfits and mysogenie… yet I more or less agree with what has been said in the article of March 13 last on the site on retro photos! “We invite women to identify themselves at a time when they were not considered. Is the message that to be beautiful, they dress in lingerie and they look like stereotypes”, said Martin Dufresne.

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