Industrial Style Home Design

The industrial style was born in New York in the fifties, as a mark of recognition of the immense furnishing loft. Furniture, armchairs, beds, lamps and many other complements, are retrieved from the past, it is a modern twist.

They are also used to give a new charm to environments that once housed shops, workshops and other industrial activities, later becoming the real homes.

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Vintage Pin up Style

Hello the radiant and the female!

For a year I’m talking about vintage on my blog. And it was only this year that we see everywhere from the retro-inspired! Criticism also much this new trend by saying high and strong as the 1950s was an era of women objects, little outfits and mysogenie… yet I more or less agree with what has been said in the article of March 13 last on the site on retro photos! “We invite women to identify themselves at a time when they were not considered. Is the message that to be beautiful, they dress in lingerie and they look like stereotypes”, said Martin Dufresne.

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50 Years Fashion: Retro Style And Ladylike Trend

Fashion years 50, bon ton style for many women is a real way of being, a lifestyle and fashion.

Certain styles never fade. The fashion achievement, passes and returns and re-conquest. The fashion cycle is continuous, it never stops. The fashion of the past is often reinterpreted . Designers dig into their archives to find new sources of inspiration and models of the past, dresses now fallen into disuse returning to make their appearance on the runway in new colors, fabrics, patterns and lengths. And then as you know are the Accessories to give that little bit more innovative and not waited.

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Retro Makeup – By Lauren Rennells

Retro Makeup – By Lauren Rennells

Techniques for applying the vintage look (April 2011)

Makeup us passed today in flesh and blood, that we waste no second thoughts on its origin. The largest developments occurred during the 1920s, 30s, 40s and 50s and 60s years and make up eventually became what we know today.

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