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Vintage Underwear

If you decide to add to your wardrobe several products from underwear collection Hopeless 2010, the chance to remain hidden (spring) is small.

And how will it be?

Underwear on display is more modern than ever, and these adorable made of natural materials parts are just perfect.

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Leather Jackets for Fall

Menswear Continues to Focus on Classic Leather jackets

Especially popular with the men’s leather jacket in this autumn the classic cut of the 1950s. Short leather jackets with stretch cuffs were already a sort of trademark for James Dean and other icons of that time. This design is very popular again in the current season. Of course, no stale style is in demand – whether classic leather jacket a biker or never coming out of fashion pilot interface – having such a men’s leather jacket you are always on the cutting edge. But interesting combinations of materials and colors are now more than ever possible.

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How to Choose a Plaid Shirt

While it was thought Dowdy, the closet since the 1990s, the Plaid Shirt is back for a few years and stands out as a must have in any men’s wardrobe self-respecting. Regardless of the type of tiles, scope on a raw denim completely closed until the collar as do the Hipsters, or open letting see a plain example, t-shirt the Plaid Shirt conquers more and more followers.

We know that to vary the pleasures, it is good to have several styles of shirts of different colours but the Plaid Shirt seems to stand out.

Zoom in on this garment become essential.

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Guide to Choose the Homecoming Dress

“I don’t know what to wear” is one of the phrases most repeated by all women, especially when you have any event or celebration especially for needing a dress elegant evening and fashion. Choose a night dress is nothing simple, but this is not a task that only experts can do it, then we can also match with evening dress perfect allowing us to look beautiful at all times.

You have to look for is the dress model that is chosen not only Berry perfectly with our personal style and body type, but that addition that also go well with the type of event to which they must attend. Besides these aspects, we women have to find is that model of dress chosen allows us to look very comfortable and sure of themselves, which must take into account each of the details you must dress.

How to choose the dress according to the shape of the body

For women who have much bust is recommended that they opt for models of dresses that have a neckline in V-shape and completely avoid dresses with bulky in this area cloth, does that the size of the bust increase and that is what you want. On the other hand, women who have little bust recommended them opt for dresses with bolados, embroidery and details in this area, in order that it can give a little more than volume. With corsett dresses are also a good idea, according to a2zdirectory.

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How to Decorate Your Room Vintage

Have you ever seen stock photos and pictures about vintage decoration which are incredibly perfect? We have an idea that can make them much more real to you.

Although the lighting is a simple factor, it makes all the difference in the production of these images. So, we brought some tips about lamps and vintage fixtures for you to adopt the style in your environment and feel more comfortable than in any of these photos.

In the decoration, fashion and design as well as in art, vintage style  plays an important role because of its proposal to go back to the past in a more mordern way, making the head of hipsters, from antiques collectors to even those who like more modern styles.

Most photos, mainly in terms of decoration, focus on the feature of very aesthetic cool and warm vintage style, and we agree that the result is usually amazing. And the pictures, these lamps can go straight to your home.

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