Mwc: Lg G5, Samsung Galaxy S7 & Huawei Matebook

The Internet was full weeks of rumors about smartphones and tablets to be presented at this year’s Mobile World Congress. Now it is time, the probably most important technology fair for mobile devices has begun. The MWC will take place from 22 to 25 February in Barcelona.We will show you our previous highlights. Continue reading “Mwc: Lg G5, Samsung Galaxy S7 & Huawei Matebook”

Jeans Angel Devil Touch

Here’s a pair of jeans that can also communicate, thanks to a special USB key that allows you to exchange information and create a community.

We are in the era of ‘ ever connected ‘, always connected, after the portability of notebooks to have a tool that will allow you to connect to the internet everywhere, now you want to make sure they can exchange information using as instrument an article of clothing, and the choice fell on what is the international clothing and used by all for excellence , the jeans.

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How to Choose a USB Flash Drive

Flash card in its classical form like an elongated rectangle or a flattened cylinder with a removable cap, a capping port USB. However, under a variety of modern flash drives meet a variety of size and design solutions.

The following types of flash drives by type USB connector:

Classics-They closed connection cap. Such models are reliable in terms of long-term use.Its only drawback-the possibility of loss of the cap.

With retractable connector. A substantial disadvantage of such devices is the fragility of the mechanism which locks the latch. Consequently, there can be problems with the installation of the reader.

With twist mechanism-such models sufficiently reliable, “durable”.

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Digital Radio Cosmopolit 8 WEB DAB + Review

I reports today on the Internet radio Cosmopolit 8 WEB DAB + from Grundig. This radio is a valuable device. I’ve tried it in all areas: In the bathroom, with a bath. In the living room while relaxing on the couch, in the kitchen while cooking and also in the bedroom to sleep. It probably also has an alarm function, but I didn’t take me to this.


You can set the radio station without having to remember the frequencies. The display instead of the transmission stick vans, the sender name and allows fast and convenient adjustment shows in standard mode. In addition also text messages, such as messages or transmitter can be read off display information directly on the radio. Has an AUX input for easy connect this device music devices with media player and, like CD players, smartphones, tablets or laptops. So can an audio cable connect to the headphone connection, for example, their smartphones or tablets. Through the speakers of this unit, you can enjoy the digital music collection in full volume. The first installation actually remains, even if it takes away the power and pull the plug out. Everywhere just plug in and the first installation remains! Fantastic! All stored channels remain stored as Favorites and many can be. It is necessary even if the electricity was turned off again about save, because in this case everything is on there.

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