Pregnant in Summer, All Are Advantages

There are many people who see a very pregnant woman in the middle of August, is apiadan of her and how bad that must be going with heat, swelling of feet and all those small discomforts that are associated with an advanced state of gestation in summer. What these people don’t realize is that being pregnant in the summer are all advantages. Or almost. Continue reading “Pregnant in Summer, All Are Advantages”

How to Wear: the Summer Bikinis and Swimsuits

Hello? Is anyone there or is everyone on the beach? haha With summer blazing and the heat it makes in Brazil, it’s impossible not to want to cool off in a pool or beach. And the experience of the trip is even better if we can wear comfortable clothes and feel beautiful, right? Continue reading “How to Wear: the Summer Bikinis and Swimsuits”

Cielo Asks for Cancellation of Records Won with Special Swimsuits

Olympic and world swimming champion César Cielo has called for all records earned using high-tech outfits to be canceled now that the sport has returned to the old fabric outfits.

Cielo, who holds world records for the 50m and 100m freestyle, said the times were now irrelevant, given last year’s decision to ban polyurethane suits in competitions from the beginning of this year.

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Swimwear for Vacation

One-piece or two-piece, flashy or printed, triangle strip, bikini or shorty: the selection of the 100 swimwear trend that will mark the season.

Then the mercury starts and gently up to pleasant temperatures, we already get to dream weekend extended, of escapades on the beach or even downright of long summer escapes. Who says summer vacation, said necessarily… swimwear .

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Which Bikini is Right for Me

What swimwear is right for which character?

Last year were you dissatisfied with your bikini? Perhaps was he simply not the right person for your proportions? Here, tips on how to come get the best from your beach body.

Soon, the holiday season starts again, but a look into the wardrobe says: the bikini from last year has had its day. Saß also never good! The face was not supported – rather the contrary – and panties cut schändig in the Po. Stop it! We have had enough of wrong sitting swimwear. Finally, you want to make a particularly good figure just on the beach, where little flaws remain hidden. But what bikini is right for me? Styling tips that will make easier for a purchase decision you come here.

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Plus Size Monokini Swimsuits

The beauty is not measured by the volume of 90-60-90 or metric kilograms on board scales. All the girls are beautiful. Just any good in their own way. The couple is superfluous centimeter waist-not a reason to despair and give up on the eve hot days. In the end, designers offer a huge selection of swimwear and owners of magnificent proportions!

Full Charm, Fashion Swimwear For Donuts 2015

The basic rule: the more closed more elegant and stylish is your image on shore. Ruler of irregular shapes can fit as slytnыe and individual innovation bath. Only they should emphasize the roundness and splendor of unusual silhouette. And all the flaws and hide. To this end, leading brands have turned to small “tweaks.”

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How to Choose Best Swimsuit

Despite the fact that each year the designers come up with more and more original models swimwear, women choose classic integrated bathing suits, no less. This option is best suited for elegant ladies and for those who want the most favorable light to present the merits of the figure and hide flaws.

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New Swimsuit Trends

What are the customs of the most beautiful ‘summer 2011? The walkways of recent fashion weeks have presented a bit ‘all the most important trends for next season and we Pour Femme Fashion we want to make sure that our readers come prepared for the beach. Many brands, Italian and international, have entered into the new collections several proposals beachwear, swimsuits adorned by up to two pieces more mischievous, through those with decorations of crocheting. Here is what are the costumes for the’ summer 2011 most beautiful. Continue reading “New Swimsuit Trends”