Approved Styles In Fall 2016

If you follow a little longer, then you have surely already from time to time various clothing pieces and collections of Approvendt face to face. I always put this in my lifestyle Sunday before. Therefore, I was very pleased that Erkjendt gave me a few parts from the current autumn collection 2016 to put together the one or the other outfit.

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Fashion Christmas Sweater

The Christmas sweaters in 2015 are among the most ironic style accessories to wear during the holidays, but what are the most fashion models not to be missed and to show off this winter? The brand you are given a great deal to do to make the Christmas jumpers special, unexpected and funny.

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How to Style a Turtleneck Sweater

The turtleneck is a classic head but worn in the right way can become one of the trend leaders of your outfits. Here then 10 style tips for wearing the turtleneck, a simple warm and comfortable head to show off on many occasions to challenge cooler temperatures without renouncing to be absent trendy.

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What to Pack in Suitcase for Delivery

A few weeks before the expected date of childbirth, mothers prepare the suitcase for delivery with the necessary for admission to hospital. When will the first contractions, it will be better to focus on the initiation of parturition and not have to think at the last minute to what to take with them for two or three days you will be away from home.

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Autumn Cashmere Cotton Sweaters

It’s hard to remember a time when it is fashionable knitted sweaters for women. This article of clothing is always true regardless of fashion trends. Models knitwear knitting is original textures and patterns. Spokes can create a knitted fabric which can never make a machine. So knitwear with this clever tool is not yet in vogue.

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Women’s Maxi Sweater Coat

The maxi-pull powerful comeback on the catwalks of the new winter season: Learn how to choose the model best suited to you and what are the best combinations for all of your look!

Summer is meteorologically just begun: after a July uncertain finally now is the time of sun-drenched beaches and shorts.

Of course, for those who love hot weather it is a pleasure. For me that would keep the fixed thermostat on twenty degrees, however, it is a bit ‘less.

Fortunately the designers play in advance, so while most people are lying to get a tan, the fashion houses are already offering the new must-have of the fall-winter collection that will be.

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Perfect Sweater Styles for Body Type

Like any other garment, sweater and we repeat the same rule – “dial me as yourself!” We do not know about you, but we are deprived of the beautiful presence of sweatshirts, jackets and sweaters for the simple reason that we bought them on impulse without actually determine whether we stay well. Here’s the link between the shape of the torso and warm coat that lures you with its modern design.

Ladies, type hourglass should be grateful to their mothers! Do you figure that it is right to emphasize, so let broad and shaggy sweaters aside. Polo and high collars focus on beautiful shapely shoulders and bust. You can afford blouses with applique or other types of accessories around the waist.

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How to Accessorize a Sweater Dress?

Accessories are the style, we told you and repeated … yes, but to choose to emphasize your sweater dress? Jewelry, belts, scarves, make the sorting in the closet. Our site teach you the secrets of a well-accessorized mesh figure!

Sweater Dress and Accessories, the Golden Rules

The principle applies to all silhouettes, but particularly essential for sweater dress: no in-between! In other words ? Discrete or assumed, accessories play unique or accumulation, without half measures. Wear a bracelet or six, a bib necklace, one pendant or four pearl necklaces: the sweater dress, enhanced by a clean look or bohemian responsible way, supports the intermediate wrong. Finally, avoid all the accessories that catch! A sweater dress is made ​​of mesh, can be learned and damaged by the reliefs of necklaces, rings or belts.

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