New Solar Model of the Secret Retrara

Urban, diverse and cool, New York has always been the epicenter of cultural changes in the United States and around the world. In the years 80 was no different. In response to the end of the colorful dream peace and love from the ‘ 70, the city became the birthplace of dark and aggressive aesthetics of the punk movement at the beginning of the Decade. Then, young people with a lot of cash to burn dominated the scene, bringing cheerful pop music, flashy colors and super structured clothing. Called the Yuppies (Young Urban Professionals), they are the inspiration for the launch of solar da Secret. Continue reading “New Solar Model of the Secret Retrara”

Sunglasses Summer: Photos and Models

Sunglasses are summer’s face and without a doubt is one of the most glamorous accessories and essential not only to protect your eyes from the harmful rays of the Sun but also to compose the look. The sunglasses for summer 2011 bets on various models that promise to leave the most awaited season of the year with a retro touch. Continue reading “Sunglasses Summer: Photos and Models”

Learn How To Choose The Right Models Of Glasses For You

Choose a pair of glasses requires time and a willingness to try out various models until you reach the ideal. A lot of people don’t have the patience to choose the proper frame, hates to use the attachment and use contact lenses or use the glasses to indispensable situations, such as reading or go to the movies.  Continue reading “Learn How To Choose The Right Models Of Glasses For You”

Check Out The Collection “Demoiselle” Of The Brand Christian Dior

The sunglasses Demoiselle line, the Christian Dior brand has just launched, promise to turn the object of desire of fashion girls tuned.With a tiny footprint, these glasses are perfect for composing more nostalgic visuals. Continue reading “Check Out The Collection “Demoiselle” Of The Brand Christian Dior”

Discover The Sunglasses Of Hollywood Actors

We Admire Them, We Praise Them, They Are Our Idols And We End Up Copying Them. Write Down The Glasses You Like Best!

Hollywood actor films are the world’s highest grossing films. The American film industry far surpasses the rest of the continents together. Hollywood is the goal for all those who make a career in film. They have the highest caches and the big companies will be riffled to be the protagonists of their advertising campaigns. Together with athletes, they are the true idols of the twentieth century and of what we take of the XXI. And, you know what?They love glasses!

Continue reading “Discover The Sunglasses Of Hollywood Actors”

Oakley Sports Sunglasses: Why Choose Them?

The sports sunglasses Oakley carry incorporated a high quality definition technology “Higt Definition Optics” that optimize viewing quality and performance to improve the performance of professional athletes. Continue reading “Oakley Sports Sunglasses: Why Choose Them?”

Light Your Face With Polaroid Sunglasses

The collection of Polaroid sunglasses have a characteristic that sets them apart from other brands and is that they are all polarized.

Polarized Polaroid sunglasses block light rays that vibrate in a certain direction by eliminating the annoying reflections that occur on surfaces such as water, snow and road.

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Dolce and Gabbana Lace Sunglasses

Let’s talk about Dolce & Gabbana and their creations for the spring / summer 2011 dwelling in this case the line of glasses proposed for the summer, very special line in Serbia has a surprise for its most loyal customers: the use of lace on the arms, a feature that we can not reconnect to the Sicilian tradition in which the brand, as we know, has its origins. The lords of the made ​​in Italy in the world can not be left behind at the creative level, so that’s how they have used recently. Continue reading “Dolce and Gabbana Lace Sunglasses”