Magentas Advantage: More Entertainment And Accessibility

As a customer with a Telekom Handyvertrag or fixed line connection you can save with the MagentaEINS advantage not only cash. An attractive combination package awaits you with more accessibility and mobile entertainment. We tell you what you can look forward to with MagentaEINS and how you can benefit from the advantages. Continue reading “Magentas Advantage: More Entertainment And Accessibility”

Samsung Touchwiz Under Android 6.0 Marshmallow

Samsung is-like other smartphone manufacturers also-for the fact that they are using theAndroid OS its own user interface to adjust the operation to their own system. In the case of the South Koreans it is TouchWiz. By the beginning of next year, Samsung smartphones will receive their update on Android 6.0 Marshmallow. So far, the new OS was only seen on the previously not available in Germany Galaxy Note 5. But how do the changes for TouchWiz look under the new Android version and when can we expect the update? Continue reading “Samsung Touchwiz Under Android 6.0 Marshmallow”

Sony Xperia Z6 With WQHD Display

With the exception of the Xperia Z5 Premium , Sony has invariably used displays with a full-HD resolution in the past. Only the most recent model received a 4K resolution for certain applications and data. Now the XperiaBlog reports that Leaks from Japan could point to a change of tradition with the Xperia Z6. Will the new generation of smartphones from Sony be equipped with a WQHD display in the future? Continue reading “Sony Xperia Z6 With WQHD Display”

HTC Ocean Takes Shape

A smartphone that does not need any buttons on the case: The concept from HTC is similar. So the guys from Taiwan are still very diligent and work to get their customers excited again.However, the Ocean concept is seemingly more than just a fleeting concept. Apparently, HTC could soon launch a completely new series of smartphones and sell them worldwide. Continue reading “HTC Ocean Takes Shape”

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge – All Data On The New Super Smartphone

The Mobile World Congress in Barcelona has not even begun, as Samsung presented already with a presentation, whose viewers Samsung with standing ovations considered. Pure goose bumps and that has its reason. The Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge has it in itself, just like the little brother, the Galaxy S7. We show you what the larger offshoot of the series can be.

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Do Imported Smartphones Work on Brazilian 4G?

The 4G network connection is often uncertain, but stands out for the speed that many users need for their handsets.

The lovers of technology and the internet for smartphones are behind many innovations and technological innovations to aggregate the speed of the internet in the day to day, so the faster the mobile internet to receive and send data through the web is more efficient And less time – in the midst of this scenario, there is the novelty of the famous 4G connection – an innovative internet connection technology for Smartphones that proposes more stability and speed for its 100 Mbps navigation, also known as Long Term Evolution LTE).

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Iphone Battery Problems? Autonomy Is Weak!

According to recent results, the new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus are the most powerful equipment today.Despite some problems already known, it has now become known that, after all, the autonomy of the new iPhone 7 is well below that of its three main competitors in the Android segment. Continue reading “Iphone Battery Problems? Autonomy Is Weak!”

Galaxy Gear Smartwatch 2

Presented at the IFA for the first time, the Galaxy Gear 2 was a real crowd puller. Visually and technically do this SmartWatch convince, the price of about 300 euros, compared to other Smart Watches is not necessarily a bargain. For this price, however, the customer receives a top extension to his smartphone. Who likes it a bit cheaper, for the holding Samsung also the Galaxy Gear 2 Neo (details here) for almost 200 euros available.

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