Ladies T-shirts: Fashion Wholesale and Retail

Yuuupppiii … weekend arrived and we just want to know one thing: comfort! Is there anything better than enjoy the days of furloughs with a look well stripped, total relaxation, as for example a jeans and a t-shirt? This is an addiction fashion that we don’t open hand! Before the shirts were already considered basic in the female wardrobe item, today are necessary items for a stylish look. The famous “tees”, as it has been called, are so high that mark presence even when the costume requires a little more sophistication. Can you imagine a ballad composed by t-shirt + skirt with sequins, for example? Ready, a chic and unpretentious production, without effort. We love!!! And was futricando on Instagram we discovered a shop specializing in wholesale and retail fashion t-shirts: LADIES t-shirts! It was love at first sight! Continue reading “Ladies T-shirts: Fashion Wholesale and Retail”

Pregnant and Stylish in Winter Is Also Possible!

The final stretch of the pregnancy tends to be strenuous, and over to join you the problem of What to wear with this tripon? Most of your clothes is already not worth you and you have to take hold of the imagination to protect you from the cold winter. There are people who prefer the pregnancy in the summer because with a blouse or a long dress is already cute, while others prefer winter to steal sweaters from wool to your partner and not complicate it more life. These bloggers let us many ideas and tricks for a pregnancy in winter with style. Continue reading “Pregnant and Stylish in Winter Is Also Possible!”

5 Tips on Customizing a T-Shirt

Customizing a T-shirt can be a way to win a fully repaginated piece, spend little and still have something unique in the closet. What’s more, practice can still be a great opportunity to work creatively and spend time in a fun and enjoyable way-and create a cool keepsake for your corporate events or parties with friends. Continue reading “5 Tips on Customizing a T-Shirt”

Plus Size Fun T-Shirt And Leggings Printed

Hello dear, I always tell people to dress with personality and mine is very Gemini… I change every day! Today, especially, I’m feeling absolutely FUN vibe, and wanted a laundry more fun to hang out with friends at night.Gave no other: the combination of plus size t-shirt printed with fun and the butterfly legging was the perfect Union to express how I’m feeling. Is there anything better than overflowing in the clothes that you have inside?

Plus Size T-Shirt And Leggings Printed

Where To Buy:

Printed legging pants>Rouge Marie the direct link for the pants is this

Plus size t-shirt fun>Oh! Dear the direct link to the shirt is this

Platform Sandals>Zara

Bag P&B>Olook (no direct link because I bought at the Bazaar)

Cat necklace>Oh! Honey (also bought at the Bazaar and I can’t find the link)

Well, I had already spoken of plus size t-shirt here on the blog before, when I spoke of my best finds in theBazaar Pop Plus Size, remember? This store is like MARA in question and even has fun t-shirts 5 g, which is a camisetão ♥ to my big G, but is well dry on the body. The necklace is too and bought several super different accessories in the Bazaar. A hit!

As for pants, she is the Rouge Marie, one of my favorite stores and I live talking around here, it is a delight! In addition to this fun pattern and the face of summer, is the fabric that I love passion: neoprene. What makes it so hot to use and very comfortable. Besides having the high waist and let you feel without leaving the safe outside hua hua hua. Seriously, I enjoyed very much …

Then this sandal I’ve had a lot of readers asking, is the Zara. This platform is very great, because it makes you high and comfortable, since the foot is barely tilted. She gives a “heavy” in visual, there’s this more modern touch, so I prefer to match it more productions fashionistas or fun (as in this case).

Anyway, that’s it for today, Cougar, and now I have to go because I’m late to find the guys… hua hua hua. Like the look? Tell me everything in the comments and let’s go to my Facebook or my Instagram @ju_romano talk more

British Dandy Fashion

This week’s outfit was a little down on Manolo. Now is our article series back, this week, inspired by the British the dandy. For although the British style is primarily associated with mossy tweedkavajer in a rainy Sussex mastered even British manufacturer art of sew stylish and casual clothes as fitting for a martini at Riviera as a krockettmatch at the mansion. Much of the inspiration comes from Gieves & Hawkes and Pringle of Scotland Spring collections, which we also previously noted.

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How to Style a Turtleneck Sweater

The turtleneck is a classic head but worn in the right way can become one of the trend leaders of your outfits. Here then 10 style tips for wearing the turtleneck, a simple warm and comfortable head to show off on many occasions to challenge cooler temperatures without renouncing to be absent trendy.

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Must Have Items for Women’s Wardrobe

Basics are the most important in the closet, because on these garments, we can always rely.Basics suit any occasion.

“The secret of elegance lies in the simplicity.” (Christian Dior)

When buying basics that these are timeless and of good quality. For if you have many years to these loyal companions, because they are simply perfectly combined with modern trends.

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How To Properly Wear The Shirt After 50 Years?

She is the alter ego of the little black dress: a vital and timeless piece. Style tricks to appropriate.

Choose model
Slightly oversized Cup is ideal – vaporous, straight or slightly bent history to mark the size-for a fashion look and relaxed. You can also wear shirts shortened if you associate them with a low waisted. Attention in this case to not aim too big to camouflage her curves: opposite effect guaranteed!

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How to Choose a Plaid Shirt

While it was thought Dowdy, the closet since the 1990s, the Plaid Shirt is back for a few years and stands out as a must have in any men’s wardrobe self-respecting. Regardless of the type of tiles, scope on a raw denim completely closed until the collar as do the Hipsters, or open letting see a plain example, t-shirt the Plaid Shirt conquers more and more followers.

We know that to vary the pleasures, it is good to have several styles of shirts of different colours but the Plaid Shirt seems to stand out.

Zoom in on this garment become essential.

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How to Get Your First Bra

Choose her first bra is often an important event in the life of a young girl.Some develop a chest very early: around 9 or 10 years ago, others later: around 12 or 13 years old, but for all, this raises some questions and any concerns.

Here Lemon Curve advice to answer all these questions and reassure some of you.

When to Wear her First Bra?

  • On average, young girls wear their first bra or their first bra to 10 or 12 years, but it depends of each girl and age where they develop their chest.Bra not having for only one purpose to support the chest and keeping the breasts, it is not be necessary from a medical point of view, to wear one when you have a budding chest or a cup size has. It is recommended to wear a bra from a B Cup which has more need for support.
  • However, many girls also want to wear their first bra to hide their breasts under a shirt a little, because they do not yet feel comfortable with or simply because they think it is nice, to be like girls or even to feel ‘woman

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Carolina Herrera Key To The Cure Shirt

Carolina Herrera and Penelope Cruz have decided to partner with Saks Fifth Avenue for the campaign “Key to the Cure“, a fundraiser to cure and defeat breast cancer. Penelope Cruz never draws back when it comes to giving a hand to help women or at least to take advantage of his fame to something good. The shirt is simple but beautiful, perfect for those who want to do good. Continue reading “Carolina Herrera Key To The Cure Shirt”