Video Catching Pms Storing Explosives in Demonstrators’ Backpacks

Group participated in protest against increased public transport fare in São Paulo

A video released by the website Jornalistas Livre caught the moment when military police put explosives in the backpacks of protesters on Friday afternoon (8) in downtown São Paulo.The boys participated in the protest against the readjustment of the public transportation tariff in São Paulo.The amount went from R $ 3.50 to R $ 3.80 this Saturday (9). Continue reading “Video Catching Pms Storing Explosives in Demonstrators’ Backpacks”

7th Edition of Beauty Week

The next Beauty Week already has date set. The first and largest event of the democratisation of beauty in the Country will be presented for the GA. MA Italy and it’s your 7th Edition, bringing together the most famous halls of the Country from August 14, with exclusive discounts to the general public. Among the participants are the darlings of celebrities and bloggers as the MG Hair, Marcos Proença, c. Kamura, 1838, Laces and Hair Salon, Eron Araújo, space Be, Red Door, Jacques Janine, Rajeev, among others. Continue reading “7th Edition of Beauty Week”