Mwc: Lg G5, Samsung Galaxy S7 & Huawei Matebook

The Internet was full weeks of rumors about smartphones and tablets to be presented at this year’s Mobile World Congress. Now it is time, the probably most important technology fair for mobile devices has begun. The MWC will take place from 22 to 25 February in Barcelona.We will show you our previous highlights. Continue reading “Mwc: Lg G5, Samsung Galaxy S7 & Huawei Matebook”

Samsung Galaxy Note7: Samsung Stops Deliveries * UPDATE *

Actually the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 will be sold in Germany tomorrow. Some pre-buyers already have the device already in their hands and look forward to their new smartphone. But as it may, the (pre) joy can be a bit clouded. Because apparently the Galaxy Note 7 has accumulated problems, which is why the delivery of the devices to the dealers was stopped. Globally, the rechargeable batteries should be exploded at about eight units. Update: This says Samsung to the Note 7 battery. Continue reading “Samsung Galaxy Note7: Samsung Stops Deliveries * UPDATE *”

The Smart Phone Concept with Updgrade Capable Hardware

Excellent ideas are the be-all and end-all of excellent products. Probably also the reason why I personally like concept cars to appliances. So the idea behind the XTRUD, a Smart phone that is capable of upgrade in terms of hardware. Continue reading “The Smart Phone Concept with Updgrade Capable Hardware”

Samsung Touchwiz Under Android 6.0 Marshmallow

Samsung is-like other smartphone manufacturers also-for the fact that they are using theAndroid OS its own user interface to adjust the operation to their own system. In the case of the South Koreans it is TouchWiz. By the beginning of next year, Samsung smartphones will receive their update on Android 6.0 Marshmallow. So far, the new OS was only seen on the previously not available in Germany Galaxy Note 5. But how do the changes for TouchWiz look under the new Android version and when can we expect the update? Continue reading “Samsung Touchwiz Under Android 6.0 Marshmallow”

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge – All Data On The New Super Smartphone

The Mobile World Congress in Barcelona has not even begun, as Samsung presented already with a presentation, whose viewers Samsung with standing ovations considered. Pure goose bumps and that has its reason. The Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge has it in itself, just like the little brother, the Galaxy S7. We show you what the larger offshoot of the series can be.

Continue reading “Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge – All Data On The New Super Smartphone”

Rumors on the Galaxy Note 8

Come true rumors and leaks known so far, in not too many months Samsung will announce officially its new flagship phablet, the Galaxy Note8.

 According to the information received to date, the smartphone would have a spectacular screen of 6.4 inches, and internal features similar to the current Galaxy S8, although with some notable differences related to the multimedia sections of the terminal.

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Galaxy Gear Smartwatch 2

Presented at the IFA for the first time, the Galaxy Gear 2 was a real crowd puller. Visually and technically do this SmartWatch convince, the price of about 300 euros, compared to other Smart Watches is not necessarily a bargain. For this price, however, the customer receives a top extension to his smartphone. Who likes it a bit cheaper, for the holding Samsung also the Galaxy Gear 2 Neo (details here) for almost 200 euros available.

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Galaxy Round: Samsung Unveils Smartphone with Curved Display

A few hours ago Samsung its Smartphone with curved display the Galaxy round presented -. The model supports LTE-A and has a display that is as great as the display of the Galaxy with 5.7 inch emergency 3. When it is available? Tomorrow already! But only if you live in Korea.

The first Smartphone manufacturer worldwide Samsung with the Galaxy round has presented the first Smartphone with a curved display. The Galaxy round looks note 3 – up on the bend – much like a Galaxy. No wonder: They both have a 5.7-inch display and a back in a faux leather look.

The curved shape brings the Galaxy round some of the benefits: you can keep better in the hand to the Galaxy round thanks to its curved shape. On the other hand you can query current status information with the off screen by slightly pressing down the Galaxy round on one side – Samsung called the “roll effect”.

If it creates the Galaxy round to us after Germany, has not been set. The device is rather seen as a niche product and is intended only for the Korean market. One did Samsung with the presentation in any case: the company has wiped out neatly one LG the competitors with the launch of the Galaxy round, because LG is working even on a curved Smartphone model.

What do you think of the Galaxy notes? Would you put you one or do you need the model for complete? Write us your opinion!

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