Fashion Tips for Pregnant

What To Wear During Pregnancy?

The period of nine months of pregnancy is the phase when the woman’s body undergoes changes, which generate a lot of insecurity in time to face the wardrobe.Questions of how to dress affect future moms because they believe it could leave them looking bigger and uncomfortable. Pregnant women can use many parts, including those that are fashionable. Continue reading “Fashion Tips for Pregnant”

How to Dress in Pregnancy

Ideal Clothing For Pregnant Women

During the nine months of pregnancy the mother-to-be body tends to increase their measures, mainly in the region of the abdomen and hips. Many women are having doubts of how to dress in this phase, because it could further enhance them or uncomfortable. There’s no mystery, pregnant women can use many parts, including those that are fashionable. Continue reading “How to Dress in Pregnancy”

Special Clothing for Breastfeeding: the Most Beautiful Designs

Many mothers decide to breastfeeding, for they are designed special clothing to enjoy those special moments. It is not really necessary to use that kind of clothing, but for convenience many mothers are decided by it. They are openings in the chest area and modern designs. Some models can be used perfectly during pregnancy. Continue reading “Special Clothing for Breastfeeding: the Most Beautiful Designs”

Spontaneous Abortion or Miscarriage

Yesterday we were talking about the most frequent reasons for bleeding in the first trimester of pregnancy. One of them is the abortion spontaneous or natural abortion, which is technically defined as the loss of a pregnancy of less than 20 weeks of gestation from causes not caused intentionally. Continue reading “Spontaneous Abortion or Miscarriage”

Weight Gain During Pregnancy

Congratulations! Your pregnancy test was positive and you are looking forward to becoming a mother soon. Pregnancy is a very special time – try to enjoy it as such and make sure that it is good for you physically and mentally. Many becoming mothers will make themselves at this time worrying about their weight. They fear to take too much and do not get rid of these pounds after birth. Stay relaxed: you can do a lot to keep your weight gain in the normal range. What does a normal weight gain in pregnancy mean? Continue reading “Weight Gain During Pregnancy”

Smoking in Pregnancy

Pregnancy needs protection and care

It is generally known that the factors of pregnancy and smoking are not well tolerated. Nevertheless, many expectant mothers do not take consideration of your unborn and continue smoking. But what dangers exist for the child and what happens if you can not do without smoking? Continue reading “Smoking in Pregnancy”

Dresses For Weddings and Brides 2016 Maternity

Already late spring and beginning to enjoy pleasant temperatures, Sun and desire to make plans abroad… comes time to start looking for dresses for special celebrations of the spring and summer. Mit Mat Mamá knows that this search process can be very heavy and there are thousand more interesting things in which to invest your time right now, so you summarize this post everything you need to know to find the ideal dress is very quick and easy. Continue reading “Dresses For Weddings and Brides 2016 Maternity”

What to Pack in Suitcase for Delivery

A few weeks before the expected date of childbirth, mothers prepare the suitcase for delivery with the necessary for admission to hospital. When will the first contractions, it will be better to focus on the initiation of parturition and not have to think at the last minute to what to take with them for two or three days you will be away from home.

Continue reading “What to Pack in Suitcase for Delivery”

Overweight Pregnancy

The advice to enjoy the pregnancy calmly are never enough.

From a medical point of view, there are those who can counsel women waiting with competence and professionalism; then there are a whole host of tips that one must take into consideration, so to avoid unnecessary risks and spend in a relaxed way the nine months before birth.

One of the problems of pregnant women is definitely linked to food: how to manage weight gain? Every woman knows, especially when they get the cravings to undermine the line, how important it is to stand up for its own good and for that of the child. Continue reading “Overweight Pregnancy”

Maternity Pillow

Pregnancy changes the whole of life, they say. That’s true, but the changes will not only daily life but also the night. A pregnant woman to a good night’s sleep, the needs are constantly changing. Not only in the last third of pregnancy, but generally from the beginning, which is more difficult with increasing abdominal girth is natural, relaxed and restful sleep. As you make your bed so lie in it, says another idiom. Even though this saying can symbolically represent many areas, it shall take but in relation to a pregnancy completely, because the quality of sleep depends not only on themattress, but also of the pillow.

By Motherhood Nursing pillow the night can come. This is true not only for pregnant women, but for all those who prefer to sleep on your side. The wonderful comfort of the special pad based on the shape of Motherhood, it is modeled on an elongated “C”.

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On Trend Maternity Clothes 2016

This spring we offer fun and flirty trends in fashion for pregnant women. Floral motifs pants cut Capri read what the latest styles for pregnant women.
Dresses flowers: nothing improves mood as rapidly as to wear a dress of flowers. You can choose between floral maxi-dresses and shorter models. Suitable for use, and combined with sandals are a good choice for walks and meeting friends. Olian maternity faris floral print knit dress at nordstrom is great if you are invited to bread.

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Funny Maternity T Shirts Pregnancy

Lately are available to buy maternity t-shirt really funny and entertaining. Pregnancy, in fact, is increasingly being regarded as a special moment and so proud, to want to share it somehow just with everyone.

The maternity T-shirts are the best way to do this because they are cute, funny and suitable for every need. Let’s find out some more details!

Funny maternity t-shirts: the brands and models available

One of the funniest maternity t-shirt is the one with the baby coming from a zipper, a very appreciated and quite widespread. The t-shirt you can buy it online on our website but there are also other alternatives suitable to be worn in the fall and winter as the hooded sweatshirt available to 30 €.

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