Make for Those Who Wear Glasses? Come and Have It!

Because the makeup is for me, for you and for everyone, without prejudice <3

Wearing glasses is no reason to let the make aside do not! There are several tricks to make your makeup look perfect even if you have to put a frame on your face right away – which, let’s face it, is no problem with the beautiful models that are sold around today, right! ?
The makeup artist Helo Bassi has shared her expertise in the subject with us for you to play in the world of shadows, pencils and lipsticks without fear of being happy. Continue reading “Make for Those Who Wear Glasses? Come and Have It!”

Makeup for Those Who Wear Glasses: 6 Amazing Tips

It is foolish to think that wearing glasses of degree is an impediment to caprichar in the make: with some tips it is possible to associate the essential object with your favorite beauty products. Check out some  makeup  tricks  for those who wear glasses:

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5 Tips for Buying the Perfect Sunglasses This Summer

Buying sunglasses is not as easy and straightforward as it seems. As well as getting well on your face, it is important that they have quality assurance and that they protect your eyes from the strongest sunrays. Continue reading “5 Tips for Buying the Perfect Sunglasses This Summer”

Sunglasses to Take to the Beach

We all have sunglasses that we like to take to the beach, or because they are more sporting, or because they match the bikini or beachwear better. There are so many beach trips in summer that there are plenty of opportunities to debut new sunglasses! Continue reading “Sunglasses to Take to the Beach”

How to Choose Sunglasses for the Younger?

The lens, which is the natural lens of the eye, is only fully formed around age 12. Thus, the child does not have any natural protection, does not tolerate UV rays. In order to take care of the eye health of the youngest, whenever it is sunny, it is advisable to wear sunglasses. Continue reading “How to Choose Sunglasses for the Younger?”

Do You like exclusivity? Then Meet 12 Models of Luxury Sunglasses

From classic to daring: difficult not to be noticed with one of these. By Mirela Mazzola.

A good watch and a stylish bag are always capable of giving that fairy-godmother touch to any look. If it is used during the day, the one asked to complete the trio is certain: a pair of sunglasses simply bafônico!
It’s okay that you do not have to shell out a small fortune to have good sunglasses. But just as in fashion, it is also true that virtually all models have been inspired by brands of desire. These, yes, with prices that easily exceed six digits.
Want to see some examples?

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5 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Sunglasses for Your Child

When is it advisable to perform eye exams for children? How to choose the glasses so that the child feels comfortable with them?  What are the best recommended materials? Here are the answers. Translated by Juliana Couto. Continue reading “5 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Sunglasses for Your Child”

Sunglasses: What Are the Ideals for Your Face Shape

Want to buy sunglasses and is undecided with so many models to choose from? Consider some details. First, they should not move when laughing and second detail, should take into account their face lines and which of them want to highlight or soften.

There are options on the market for all tastes, from the simplest to the most extravagant, with discreet or colorful frames, sunglasses are a key piece in any look.

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The Silhouette Brand at the Cacém Glasses Factory

We introduce you to Silhouette eyewear, a brand that has manufactured its glasses in Austria since 1964.    They guarantee the highest quality, using the best materials, ensuring that, in terms of comfort, Silhouette sunglasses are unparalleled.  Continue reading “The Silhouette Brand at the Cacém Glasses Factory”

Sunglasses Turns into School Uniform

Australian school includes compulsory uniform sunglasses at children’s school By Michelle Vargas This comes from the other side of the world: a primary school in Sydney, Australia, included sunglasses as a mandatory item in the uniform of its students. The change, which seeks to protect the eyes of children from ultraviolet(UV) rays, applies to[…] Continue reading “Sunglasses Turns into School Uniform”

5 Tips to Combine Makeup and Goggles

For females, eyeglasses can be considered enemies of make-up.  Depending on your style of prescription glasses you can make the most of makeup. Here are 5 tips for combining eyeglasses and makeup and always be at your best. Continue reading “5 Tips to Combine Makeup and Goggles”

How to Wear Mirrored Sunglasses

In 1980 they were already famous here, then they were overshadowed by so many other models and now they have returned with everything to the streets. The mirrored glassesare boiling and many famous ones have already bought yours and are already parading around.  Continue reading “How to Wear Mirrored Sunglasses”

Coachella Brings the Latest Trends in Sunglasses

Certainly you will agree that festival is not festival, if we do not dress strictly for the same and do not accompany us with sunglasses that complete the  chosen style. Every year at  the Coachella Festival we  discover the trends that will accompany us this summer and this year was no exception. Continue reading “Coachella Brings the Latest Trends in Sunglasses”

Beyoncé Round Sunglasses

The accessories multiply and the hats and sunglasses are undoubtedly the main protagonists of this summer. Sunglasses with a retro and vintage style of rounded shapes and with a multitude of colors and shapes become the complement it fashion of season. Want to become a real pop star? At Opticalia we bring a very “Crazy in Love” trend that will drive your”audience” crazy: round Beyoncé style sunglasses . Continue reading “Beyoncé Round Sunglasses”