Why Complications in the Movement Are Good

Completely Complicated: Additional Functions Of A Mechanical Clockwork

A complication in watchmaking does not describe an undesirable situation during an intervention, as in the case of medicine, but a completely desired additional function in a mechanical clockwork, which goes beyond the usual display of hour, minute and second.¬†Complications can be described as function modules, which use the clockwork as a basis but are not part of it itself.¬†According to this, a date display is a complication. Continue reading “Why Complications in the Movement Are Good”

A Very Special Watch Lucky Diamond

I’m sitting on the couch just so and watch, as the time is running out on the clock – now you wonder sure why I do to me – because especially if you want that time passes quickly, it seems particularly bad to draw – kinda like chewing gum. Well, I’m also just so, as I sit here and count the minutes until I can take the next pain pill. I don’t want to take too much namely, that ic set me dates and before there is just no painkillers. Continue reading “A Very Special Watch Lucky Diamond”