Plus Size Fashion Show Paris

Real curves on the catwalk

By because in Paris there are only models in size zero! Women on the well came the rebuttal “pulp fashion show”…

These models were but a rather unusual sight for Parisian conditions. Are known and in demand in the city of fashion generally very thin models on the catwalk. Not so at the weekend on the “pulp fashion show”. Here, the

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10 Great Achievements Of Women With Curves In 2014

Curvys of the world, I tell you and I say: 2014 WAS OUR YEAR. The best? 2015 promises much more!

Curves Felices was born just at the time when the world began to be much more friendly with the curves of female bodies . Because it is a fact that better times for fat women , plus size , extra size or whatever we want to call us.

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Plus Size Fun T-Shirt And Leggings Printed

Hello dear, I always tell people to dress with personality and mine is very Gemini… I change every day! Today, especially, I’m feeling absolutely FUN vibe, and wanted a laundry more fun to hang out with friends at night.Gave no other: the combination of plus size t-shirt printed with fun and the butterfly legging was the perfect Union to express how I’m feeling. Is there anything better than overflowing in the clothes that you have inside?

Plus Size T-Shirt And Leggings Printed

Where To Buy:

Printed legging pants>Rouge Marie the direct link for the pants is this

Plus size t-shirt fun>Oh! Dear the direct link to the shirt is this

Platform Sandals>Zara

Bag P&B>Olook (no direct link because I bought at the Bazaar)

Cat necklace>Oh! Honey (also bought at the Bazaar and I can’t find the link)

Well, I had already spoken of plus size t-shirt here on the blog before, when I spoke of my best finds in theBazaar Pop Plus Size, remember? This store is like MARA in question and even has fun t-shirts 5 g, which is a camisetão ♥ to my big G, but is well dry on the body. The necklace is too and bought several super different accessories in the Bazaar. A hit!

As for pants, she is the Rouge Marie, one of my favorite stores and I live talking around here, it is a delight! In addition to this fun pattern and the face of summer, is the fabric that I love passion: neoprene. What makes it so hot to use and very comfortable. Besides having the high waist and let you feel without leaving the safe outside hua hua hua. Seriously, I enjoyed very much …

Then this sandal I’ve had a lot of readers asking, is the Zara. This platform is very great, because it makes you high and comfortable, since the foot is barely tilted. She gives a “heavy” in visual, there’s this more modern touch, so I prefer to match it more productions fashionistas or fun (as in this case).

Anyway, that’s it for today, Cougar, and now I have to go because I’m late to find the guys… hua hua hua. Like the look? Tell me everything in the comments and let’s go to my Facebook or my Instagram @ju_romano talk more

Bowie t-Shirt Plus Size

Think that I wrote the whole post, everything was ready and when I click “publish” my Google Chrome crashed and I lost everything? For some bizarre reason my WordPress didn’t save the draft post and now I am here, wanting to cry over having to write all over again! But let’s talk about Bowie t-shirt plus size that the ChicaBolacha released in your new collection “Cosmopolitan”.

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Maxima Fashion In XXL

Maxima- this brand stands for young fashion from Germany! The typical collections are striking and different, the style is unique. Everyday, business and evening wear- with Maxima, the young clothing in large sizes, no wishes remain open. The great designs for strong women- be stylish tops, jackets with elaborate patterns or pants with prints and last but not least the typical Maxima loose-fit cuts- always remember adventure. Grey, earthy and warm colors and the stylish Leo-look, which crosses many collections that contribute to this adventure feeling.

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Plus Size Monokini Swimsuits

The beauty is not measured by the volume of 90-60-90 or metric kilograms on board scales. All the girls are beautiful. Just any good in their own way. The couple is superfluous centimeter waist-not a reason to despair and give up on the eve hot days. In the end, designers offer a huge selection of swimwear and owners of magnificent proportions!

Full Charm, Fashion Swimwear For Donuts 2015

The basic rule: the more closed more elegant and stylish is your image on shore. Ruler of irregular shapes can fit as slytnыe and individual innovation bath. Only they should emphasize the roundness and splendor of unusual silhouette. And all the flaws and hide. To this end, leading brands have turned to small “tweaks.”

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Plus Size Thigh High Boots

Do you love the look of thigh-high boots, but have trouble finding ones that fit your legs comfortably?If so, you share a problem with many other plus size women. It is often difficult to find fashionable shoes large women that fit fuller calves and thighs. Knowing where to shop and how to wear these bold boot styles can help you find the right look, sexy and seductive to fun and funky.

Where Can Thigh Boots Sizes

You may not be able to go into your store average unit or chain of retailers to find plus size thigh high boots, but that does not mean that different styles are not well within reach. Step outside of the norm and visit lingerie stores, costume shops, consignment stores and online boutiques to find thigh high boots that flatter your figure.

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Zizzi Sends Top Model On The Podium To The Copenhagen Fashion Week

The plus size fashion brand Zizzi has hired the international plus size-top model Denise Bidot to go on the podium, when occupying Copenhagen Fashion Week at the beginning of august.

It will be the international plus size-super model Denise Bidot, who is half-Puerto Rican, half Kuwaiti, who is going to stand at the head of fashion brand Zizzis fashion show in Copenhagen during fashion week. Together with a team of international plus size models, the 27-year-old top model show Zizzis SS15-collection that have the mantra “Fashion has no size”.

Zizzi promises that the collection is going to be a courageous and smart mix of understated minimalist style, modern interpretations of the flower print, classic 50s-elegance and feminine sporty hipster-style.

The show will be held on Saturday the 2. August in Nikolaj Church in Copenhagen.

Plus Size: How To Find Delicious Tracksuit That Fits

You are plus size, and it can be a difficult task to find gym clothes that are both nice and is functional and with good fit

There are not many sports brands that make delicious sportswear in plus sizes, and even when we manage to find gym clothes in large sizes, fit is usually not very good. Suddenly, tights or t-shirt formless, strange in average or look cheap like in quality. Training top can for example be too broad in scope or too short in length, or also sitting the strange over the chest or too tightly over the abdomen. Tights may be too short in length, too tight at the ankles, too low in life or simply too loose.

How To Find Delicious Tracksuit That Fits

Gym clothes in large sizes

Fortunately, there are several brands that also make training gear specifically for plus sizes. Hoticle is one of them:

-There are really very fine sportswear in plus sizes. Hoticle is one of the brands that make their own “Plus” collection, and they have nice gym clothes from size 42 and up to size 56 with seasonal colors and patterns, she said.

Shape wear is the hot new

According to Hoticle, it can also be a good investment for shape wear plus sizes.

-Shape wear is super popular for all sizes. There is an increasing number of women, regardless of size, that are looking for tights and underwear, there kinds, promises and keeps inside.

In addition, she has to look after the training gear in breathable materials.

-There is so much fine training gear out there, so we must therefore drop the cotton shirt from H&M. Training experience will be so much better in the right clothes, she advises.

-Plus size workout clothes are especially good, because it is form fitting and custom made for women with Forms. You won’t have problems with short blouses and formless shapes. A loose fit are very popular for training indoors, spinning, dancing, yoga or pilates. But for running, I would recommend a more snug fit with stretch, which holds the vehicle in place.

-If you want clothing that covers a little more, so there are also tops with three-quarter sleeves for those who want to cover the upper arms, she says.

Another advice from Silje Landevåg is that one must look for colors that makes one happy. It increases motivation training.

-Choose colors and patterns that give you energy. It is particularly popular with cool colors on the bodice, she says.