New Movie with Vintage Aesthetics of Promises

Kate Winslet star revenge is on Fashion, film based on the novel of the same name, written by Rosalie Ham. In the feature, we see Tilly Dunnage, a mysterious seamstress that returns to your homeland (in rural Australia) to take care of your mother. Continue reading “New Movie with Vintage Aesthetics of Promises”

5 Tips on Customizing a T-Shirt

Customizing a T-shirt can be a way to win a fully repaginated piece, spend little and still have something unique in the closet. What’s more, practice can still be a great opportunity to work creatively and spend time in a fun and enjoyable way-and create a cool keepsake for your corporate events or parties with friends. Continue reading “5 Tips on Customizing a T-Shirt”

Spring Summer Trends Fashion

Woman never stop dreaming of being able to renew their wardrobe every season. But let’s face it, that’s not so easy. But you can renew some parts that you bought before but still be fashion for a long time! Since then, let’s see what are the trends that have made a success in 2016 and you can continue investing, because it will still be a hit in 2017, write it down: Continue reading “Spring Summer Trends Fashion”

Jaeger – Lecoultre Has the Ideal Suggestion for a Gift

The watch Rendez-Vous Night & Day of Jaeger-LeCoultre enables women switch or buckle strap according to your will, without any tool. Versatile, the piece is the perfect option for those who are in doubt about what a gift on mother’s day. Being able to choose which bracelet use the day, your mother will have total freedom of use on several occasions, since women love change of accessories to match the look of the day. Continue reading “Jaeger – Lecoultre Has the Ideal Suggestion for a Gift”