Patek Philippe: Nautilus Then and Now

Collecting Classics

Patek Philippe is considered one of the most prestigious watch manufacturers in Switzerland. That’s always been the case. His often wealthy customers come from all over the world, among them are members of royal houses and business captains. It is the watch brand with one of the most famous advertising slogans: “A Patek Philippe never belongs to one alone. One enjoys it for a lifetime, but in fact it is already preserved for the next generation. ” Whether this is true or not, the Patek Philippe owners and friends like to call on this slogan to justify the expensive timepiece. Accordingly, the brand is primarily associated with classic and elegant luxury watches such as the Calatrava. Continue reading “Patek Philippe: Nautilus Then and Now”

Ellipse d’Or: Oval watch by Patek Philippe

Left the REF.No. 3738/100J-012. Right the REF.No. 3738/100R-001 of the ellipse d’Or by Patek Philippe.

Ellipse d’Or, in German “ellipse made of gold”, is the eloquent name of men’s Watch, which belongs to the champions of the collection by Patek Philippe. With its oval casing has the otherwise simple clock recognition. Continue reading “Ellipse d’Or: Oval watch by Patek Philippe”