Julia Roberts Helped Me in the Makeup

Wedding column-Fanny and Daniel have taken the first step towards a common future and will report regularly on freundin.de now by planning their wedding. Today: Registrar’s Office, Church, or both? Read here how the two – choosing and why Julia Roberts is suddenly bursts in Fanny’s preparations,

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The Beauty in the 3rd Day

The 3rd day of parades of Minas Trend Preview shook the city of Belo Horizonte and challenged reporters and invited to face, once again, the traffic of our city in peak hours. But the performances compensated for the effort. Lucas Magalhães, Jardin, 03 Apartment and Plural showed a diverse winter, each one in your profile.

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Beauty Trends 2015

Like every year even in the beauty world, there are trends that remain and trends ranging  and among some is good to say goodbye!

In this 2015, in fact, some beauty trends we saw were really absurd, such as the eyebrows to the Korean and the lips to Kylie Jenner , not to mention the “bubble nails”, the short, rounded nails that have depopulated in the US last summer, in short all too excessive tendencies and that we would like not to see in 2016! But there are also those that were not so much evil, but that we will not see in the new year, as the extensions, extreme scaling, but also the high ponytail; and those that continue to love even in 2016, as beachwaves the lob cut and extra large fringe.

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