Shopping Venues – the Outlets of the New Generation

Shopping clubs like “Private Outlet”, ‘Brands4Friends’, “BuyVip” or “Vente Privée” are online outlets of the new generation and enjoy increasing popularity and growing customer circles. The concept of this online Club is registered users offer goods at extremely discounted prices. There are almost daily new actions involving goods in relatively small Windows of time and often relatively small amounts, but up to 70% will be offered reduced. Continue reading “Shopping Venues – the Outlets of the New Generation”

Here’s How to Buy Lingerie on the Internet

With incredible offers, surprising conditions and tempting news, the online world always reserves great surprises for those in love with intimate pieces. That is why learning how to buy lingerie on the internet is so important.

Next, check out how to take full advantage of Le Style. As a matter of fact, see the questions and answers that will make your purchases easier on Le Lingerie. Continue reading “Here’s How to Buy Lingerie on the Internet”

Objects of Desire From The La Perla Online Boutique

La Perla-series appeal

The online shop of La Perla presented mainly the top seller of the spring/summer collections 2009 classic models from the product ranges of lingerie, swimwear, nightwear and man underwear sold at the La Perla online boutique. The result is the prediction of the La Perla. The marketing department explains: our sales are on the whole went as expected. Our main collection La Perla, itself already a classic of Luxuslingerie for the feminine, sophisticated woman for example always among the top sellers. Just like our night clothes collection Joëlle La Perla, which satisfy a wide audience of fashion-conscious women. The great success of the swimwear collection Aquasuit that appeals to more mature women was a surprise for us, however. Highlights in the online sales were in addition also the collections of La Perla Black Label with her some more daring models, as well as La Perla glamour. The glamour collection with delicate romance and much lace promises as their name says much magic and shine, but at lower prices than the main brand La Perla.

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Anna Nooshin Presents Seductive Lingerie Collection

Hot it was on June 2 in Amsterdam and we mean not the weather.

In a small exclusive events, Anna Nooshin presented their first common lingerie collection with Hunkemöller. The beautiful Dutch girl has already as a blogger, Vloggerin, TV presenter and author made a name in the fashion scene.

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How to Get Your First Bra

Choose her first bra is often an important event in the life of a young girl.Some develop a chest very early: around 9 or 10 years ago, others later: around 12 or 13 years old, but for all, this raises some questions and any concerns.

Here Lemon Curve advice to answer all these questions and reassure some of you.

When to Wear her First Bra?

  • On average, young girls wear their first bra or their first bra to 10 or 12 years, but it depends of each girl and age where they develop their chest.Bra not having for only one purpose to support the chest and keeping the breasts, it is not be necessary from a medical point of view, to wear one when you have a budding chest or a cup size has. It is recommended to wear a bra from a B Cup which has more need for support.
  • However, many girls also want to wear their first bra to hide their breasts under a shirt a little, because they do not yet feel comfortable with or simply because they think it is nice, to be like girls or even to feel ‘woman

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