Light Far Beyond Lighting

On a visit to Brazil, head of Philips design Announces lighting trends

Humanizing the lighting, custom projects , influence the mood of the people through the light. These were some of the major trends presented in the sixth edition of the Light + Building, one of the leading world fairs, held in mid-April, in Frankfurt, Germany. Continue reading “Light Far Beyond Lighting”

Tips to Organize and Decorate the Room of Studies

Check out the tips from Professor of Interior Design course of SFTP Silvana Souza to make the environment more organized and beautiful study

Have an organized and well decorated environment makes all the difference in the time to focus the energies to study. So the teacher Silvana Souza, the Interior Design course Tuiuti University highlighted some tips of colors, furniture and lighting to make your hobby room cozier. Check out! Continue reading “Tips to Organize and Decorate the Room of Studies”

Illuminated Garden

With the proper light, the gardens are transformed during the night and are even more beautiful than in full sunlight

Enjoy a night Garden is a rare pleasure. With the arrival of the warm days of summer, the temperature gets cooler at night and the illuminated Garden makes an irresistible invitation to the external area. At sunset, you can gather friends to talk, dine al fresco or simply get carried away by the contemplation of silence and perfumes which some species exude only at these times of the day, but for a garden to be enjoyed and used at night, some rules need to be followed in order to determine the safety and effectiveness of external areas In addition to valuing them aesthetically. Continue reading “Illuminated Garden”

Camping Tips

For those who are not accustomed to camping, camping is synonymous with discomfort, mosquitoes, cold, heat, wet things, flying tent, endless junk, diet based on miojo, etc… In fact, those who camp passes or has experienced many of these situations , The famous “perrengues”.Some learn from perrengues, others read, research and prepare not to confront them. And sometimes they go through them anyway. In this post, I will try to clarify and guide with what I know (for research or perrengues) so that you, reader and reader of Revolteio, enjoy the camping with everything that this lifestyle offers the best.

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Lighting In The Baby’s Room

We continue with the special decoration of the baby’s room, and today we are going to talk about lighting.There is no doubt that the ideal in a children’s bedroom and generally in any room is that it receives a lot of natural light, outdoor bedrooms with large windows and well-oriented are the most we like. Continue reading “Lighting In The Baby’s Room”

Is Blue LED Light Harmful

More and more editors of webzines and other blogs are part of their mistrust of the LED (“Light Emitting Diode”, in French “Led Electro-luminescent”), due to a certain blue light emitted by this last. What certainty do we have on this subject?

The criticisms made about the blue light (one of the components of white light, emitted by the Sun, ED) are due to its high energy concentration, and his power of ultraviolet rays.

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Philips Brings New Hue Lamps With Spotlights

New lamps for networked lighting accents: lamps for the Smart lighting system hue there as reflector lamps for accent lighting. The new hot GU10 and can connect with other lamps and lighting of the hue family and control wirelessly via Smartphone or tablet.

In everyday life especially interesting: hue users can at the GU10 lamps also any nuances of white light set: warm white for cozy evenings, strong, cold whiter light to read or some brilliant white to accentuate images, works of art, decoration.

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The Environmental Advantages Of LED Lamps

Nearly 20 percent of global electricity consumption used for lighting purposes currently alone. The Federal Ministry for research (BMBF) in an investigation came to this conclusion. All private households on low energy light bulbs would get only in Germany, the power consumption could be to an annual 7.5 billion kilowatt hours reduce calculations according to the European Commission.

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Advantages of LED Lighting

Basic Principle of LED (Light Emitting Diode)

A light emission diode consists of multiple layers of semiconductor material. When the diode is being used with direct current, the light is a product in the active layer. The light produced is separated directly in or by the reflectors. In contrast with the incandescent reflector lamps, which emit a continuous spectrum, an LED emits light in a specific color. The color of the light depends on the semiconductor material used. Two material systems are used mainly to produce LEDs with high brightness in all colors from blue to red and, through luminescence conversion, also in white. Different voltages are required to operate the diode on direct bias.

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Advanced LED Technology

Advanced LED technology that we are seeing currently is without doubt the greatest revolution for several decades in the lighting technology. Delta Light® plays a major role in the deployment of this new technology, with the design and manufacturing of its own LED lamps and LED innovative products and development of made-to-measure solutions, allowing the designers and users to learn to the best of the lighting possibilities that they could not even imagine in the past.

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Winter Decor Trends for a Cozy Home

Outside it gets cold and uncomfortable and we spend more time in our cozy warm home. The right winter decoration makes for a particularly cozy atmosphere and sweeten us the cold season. Are you still looking for inspiration and are you interested in this year’s trends in winter decoration? Then our tips for winter home decor are just right.

These Colors Are Announced This Year

The decoration in the apartment should be modern and fit to the respective furnishing style. Accordingly, there are a lot of promising combinations – there is something for every taste. We present you four color trims for this year with the matching decor tips.

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LED Night Lights

If you let your imagination run wild and have just a bit of flair, you can make your garden, your home or your commercial in the best light.In addition to the wonderful light show but you should pay attention to the proper lighting and mainly due to different safety aspects.

For what purpose you want an exterior lighting install? Whether as a guide the way, dangerous pitfalls or at least to deter thieves. The gorgeous spring is around the corner and you can enjoy the first rays of sunshine in the garden. With colleagues, friends, relatives, etc. sit in the garden and are already experiencing the first grilling fun. In the evening, do not go into the house. Feel the cool breeze on your skin. You do not have to sit in the dark also. With the perfect lighting you can relax despite darkness.

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How to Choose LED Bulbs

A Complete Guide Led Bulb To Make The Right Choice With Confidence

While LED bulbs are democratizing increasingly, it is sometimes difficult to navigate given the plethora of offers. Fitting, shape, angle, materials, type of LEDs, amount of LEDs, light color, power, the criteria are very numerous.

The price of LED bulbs decline gradually while the regulation requires the elimination of inefficient light bulbs and compact fluorescent technology is increasingly criticized by the Public, equip becomes a critical requirement.

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Cheap Flashlights from China

This handy mini flashlight is ideal for traveling because it is so small and handy that it fits easily into a pocket. And although it is so small, it shines almost like a large lamp. It is therefore an essential companion for all who are still late evening or night on the road. As it happens again and again that you would rather want to see a place in the full light, just to be sure, and just for something like the flashlight is made.


China wholesale-online shopping for cheap electrical appliances with free shipping-Our site China online store free shipping, shopping for affordable new Android smart phone, electrical appliances, car accessories, Game devices, watches, jewelry, clothing from the best China wholesale supplier warehouse.A quick handle just dressed in his pocket and already the point is evident. She is due to the size is also ideal as a lamp in the car, they fit into any glove compartment.This entry was posted March 14, 2013in Online Marketing published.

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Amazing Design and Stylish Furniture

For those who are passionate about design and professional in the field, it is important to be on top of new materials, proposals and creations launched. To get references and inspiration, nothing is better than to follow the works of artists and studios known for innovation with aesthetic sense similar to yours.

To help you, we separated 6 products with amazing design that are only released in August, September and October. Check out:

Expandable pot

To solve the waste and unnecessary purchase of larger vessels where our plants grow, the design studio Ayaskan created a vessel that expands and monitors the development of plant.

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Designer Lighting

The instrument par excellence that gives form to the creative ideas of the designer is the pencil and then, ironically, the British design duo Michael & George have turned it into a design objectit self. Pencil becomes giant and turns into a domestic lamp.

As the small track-drawing tool freely lines and curves on the sheet, following the designer’s creativity, HB Lamp black wire unrolls on the floor like a scribble or follows the forms of our imagination.

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