Children’s Fashion Trends Summer

With the little interested in what happens in the fashion world, the parents, who are not so linked in the fashion universe, now need to be also an eye on global trends to be able to accompany their children on time to upgrade the closet of little people. For this, we will know which colors, prints and pieces coming in for the wish list of kids in 2012: Continue reading “Children’s Fashion Trends Summer”

The Clothes Can Help You Look Taller

Who hasn’t wished for a few centimeters? Although there is no treatment to increase stature, fashion can be a great ally to create a longer silhouette and in tune. With a few tricks, and the choice of certain parts, it is possible to make the illusion work to your favor.

“One needs to look your style very well and know your body, but you can use the clothes to your favor,” says consultantMaria Elena Daniel, image Consulting tuning and style. You don’t have to give up their favorite colors or shapes, for example, but should adapt them to look more long torso. Continue reading “The Clothes Can Help You Look Taller”

Pregnant and Stylish in Winter Is Also Possible!

The final stretch of the pregnancy tends to be strenuous, and over to join you the problem of What to wear with this tripon? Most of your clothes is already not worth you and you have to take hold of the imagination to protect you from the cold winter. There are people who prefer the pregnancy in the summer because with a blouse or a long dress is already cute, while others prefer winter to steal sweaters from wool to your partner and not complicate it more life. These bloggers let us many ideas and tricks for a pregnancy in winter with style. Continue reading “Pregnant and Stylish in Winter Is Also Possible!”

Mother’s Day Special: Looks for Pregnant Women

And ending the week of our special mothers day, nothing better than to bring super useful tips for the pregnant woman. Many pregnant women undergo a drop in self-esteem because of the bumps, blemishes and discomfort that tend to appear, but we can reverse this situation with a lot of style. Continue reading “Mother’s Day Special: Looks for Pregnant Women”

5 Tips On How To Wear Leggings With Boots

Hello dear, these days I received a question from a reader wanting to know How to wear leggings with boots in fatty and, if so, what is the ideal height of the pipe. Because you see, I love boots and think they are so good for fatties and skinnies. But here is my revolt: whenever I go to buy boots, madly in love a mid-cut to high model, see the price, and I will prove in the best hope of conquering the dream of the boot itself… When I put, she enters the foot, ankle, but… caneeela… uhhhhggg… No. She is not close, not rises, do not enter and you’re done. In the leg, the potato boot didn’t even give the air of grace, not enough and not give a phone call that you can’t go. You know? It hurts the heart. You’re there, full of love and money to give and you can’t even buy the boot that you want? Continue reading “5 Tips On How To Wear Leggings With Boots”

Six Basic Rules If You’re Going To Wear Leggings

Use them for your convenience. The love for your versatility. The leggings came to be essential items in the wardrobe of women, from the youngest to the not so young, because there is something for everyone. However, you need to know how to use them and here we present six ground rules for wearing leggings without running the risk of falling into bad taste. Continue reading “Six Basic Rules If You’re Going To Wear Leggings”

Plus Size Fun T-Shirt And Leggings Printed

Hello dear, I always tell people to dress with personality and mine is very Gemini… I change every day! Today, especially, I’m feeling absolutely FUN vibe, and wanted a laundry more fun to hang out with friends at night.Gave no other: the combination of plus size t-shirt printed with fun and the butterfly legging was the perfect Union to express how I’m feeling. Is there anything better than overflowing in the clothes that you have inside?

Plus Size T-Shirt And Leggings Printed

Where To Buy:

Printed legging pants>Rouge Marie the direct link for the pants is this

Plus size t-shirt fun>Oh! Dear the direct link to the shirt is this

Platform Sandals>Zara

Bag P&B>Olook (no direct link because I bought at the Bazaar)

Cat necklace>Oh! Honey (also bought at the Bazaar and I can’t find the link)

Well, I had already spoken of plus size t-shirt here on the blog before, when I spoke of my best finds in theBazaar Pop Plus Size, remember? This store is like MARA in question and even has fun t-shirts 5 g, which is a camisetão ♥ to my big G, but is well dry on the body. The necklace is too and bought several super different accessories in the Bazaar. A hit!

As for pants, she is the Rouge Marie, one of my favorite stores and I live talking around here, it is a delight! In addition to this fun pattern and the face of summer, is the fabric that I love passion: neoprene. What makes it so hot to use and very comfortable. Besides having the high waist and let you feel without leaving the safe outside hua hua hua. Seriously, I enjoyed very much …

Then this sandal I’ve had a lot of readers asking, is the Zara. This platform is very great, because it makes you high and comfortable, since the foot is barely tilted. She gives a “heavy” in visual, there’s this more modern touch, so I prefer to match it more productions fashionistas or fun (as in this case).

Anyway, that’s it for today, Cougar, and now I have to go because I’m late to find the guys… hua hua hua. Like the look? Tell me everything in the comments and let’s go to my Facebook or my Instagram @ju_romano talk more

How Leggings Became The Most Controversial Pants

Several weeks ago a United Airlines employee decided to stop two girls from boarding a Denver-Minneapolis flight for an unexpected reason: they were wearing leggings and that, according to the employee, violated airline codes.

It added a new episode to the controversial life of leggings, a piece that despite appearing very new accompanies human beings at least since the Renaissance.

Continue reading “How Leggings Became The Most Controversial Pants”

Women’s Slimming Leggings

What slimming leggings choose exactly? This question many people ask the. To which we reply by saying that there are 4 main criteria for selection are:

  • Taste
  • material
  • Size
  • The model

A matter of taste

Even if it’s health or welfare, clothing does not mean not being comfortable. Thus, to choose a slimming leggings, account must be taken of his personal taste in color them and aesthetics. It has often been said, your clothing partly reflects your personality! This is also what will bring some to prefer the thinness jeggings and other regret not being able to afford a tregging (legging faux leather or imitation leather).

Continue reading “Women’s Slimming Leggings”

How to Pair Leggings

It was Audrey Hepburn to launch fashion leggings in 50s. Actually, there were still elastic fibers and these tapered pants were called nylons. The first true leggings were born in the 70s, 80s but we have to wait to get the new piece of clothing for women becomes a fashion cult. Today all have in their wardrobe the leggins that best suits your outfit. This is not a simple pantsuits, nor of a pair of pantyhose. It is a garment worn under a black mini dress extremely ductile: covers the legs, while revealing the shape and sensuality; for those who can’t stand the stiffer fabrics like jeans,is the perfect solution for a young and sporty outfits.

Continue reading “How to Pair Leggings”